Elder Alert!!!!!

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  • DannyBloem

    If that is all, that you haven't been to the meetings in a while, then probably he wants to encourage you.

    Does I understand he comes alone? If so, it is never a big matter.
    If you are afraind you gone to be df-ed, well they do not do that for not visiting meetings. Do not say anything, like I do not believe the organisation/FDS/watchtower or something like that. Just do not answer to much on personal quiestions. and you probably be ok.


  • flag

    I was missing a couple of meetings per month but they knew that I have family activities that sometimes kept me from going.

    I was not a pioneer.

    I'm a confident and straight forward person so they always feel good around me. Including this elder who called me. I joked around with him a lot. he is way older than me.

    I'm good looking for my age.

    I have more money than him.

    I wouln't like to be df. because I don't want to loose some good friends that I have.

  • Odrade

    Ha! An attractive woman with money to donate. Yup, that explains alot. Maybe elder has a little crush on you, or they are afraid of losing your contributions...

  • skyman

    I'll go with the conclusion that you still free some loyalty to the Society because you would not be asking the question if you did not. I will bet at least you have fear of the Elders. What it sounds like to me he is just wanting to get to know your circumstances and to see where help can be given. I will stress this loudly do not tell him any of your doubts if you do not want to be DF'd , he will not listen, he only wants you to conform to the Watchtower line. He might ask you if you have doubts and what are they. Trust me he does not care about your doubts only that you get humbled and come back to meetings. If you state doubts this will only lead to the ELders marking you and you will have future problems.

  • Think

    They lokin for me , too... I change my phone #.

    everybody change phone # !!!

  • greendawn

    If you want to stay in you must ensure that you don't say anything that is against the org, just find some good excuses for not attending very regularly and carry on fading.

  • Mastodon


  • Think

    Here is the best " No mans land/ no watchtower rules"

    meeting I ever have !!! I cannot get away from those "meetings" This is like EXTASY x10) !!!


  • flag

    so, what do you suggest?

    I'm not affraid of the elders.

    But, I would preffer if they just leave me alone and skip the df step.

    my husband said that it is going to take about 2 years for them to leave me alone.

  • Think

    Tell them you are not feelin much loved in the cong viet !

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