Elder Alert!!!!!

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  • flag

    I received my first elder call yesterday.

    He wants to talk to me today.

    I have never been afraid of the elders but I also have no experience on what they are going to say because I have never ask for their opinion on anything and I have never been accused of anything either so, any ex or current elders here that can brief me about what to expect?

    Also, I was thinking on talking to him on a neutral ground so I'll tell him to meet me at the local starbucks.

  • kid-A

    I can give you a good idea of what they will say but I need more info from you. What specifically does he want to question you about?

  • skyman

    Have you been going to mettings? If not how long have you been gone? Do you have JW family?

  • jstalin

    You must have an idea as to why he wants to talk to you...

  • Gerard

    Say nothing incriminating. Say you are a good unquestioning dubb and are grateful of all the thinking done for you.

    If you don't stand out chances are they won't miss you..

    Good luck

  • skyman

    I am an ex Elder I need more information if you don't give it I can not help you.

  • greendawn

    They will probably admonish you to start going back to their meetings and their preaching work if you gave these up, and attempt to intimidate you with the usual propaganda that the end is near and you must return to the fold to survive armageddon.

  • flag

    Well, I haven't been to meetings since Dec. 28

    before that I was a witness in good standing

    My husband hasn't been to meetings in about 7 years

    My kids haven't been to meetings in about 3 years

    basically I'm the only one in my family who attended meetings.

    I think he will ask me why am I not attending to meetings anymore and what he can do to help me.

  • Odrade

    Unusual that they would contact you so soon. One month is not that long. It took at least 6-8 months before people started poking around for us. Were you a pioneer until December? Or did you never ever miss a meeting until then? Or do you have lots of money that you contribute regularly? Just trying to figure out why it only took 30 days for a shepherding call...

    OOOHH! I got it... are you super pretty? hehe.

  • skyman

    So are you afraid of getting DF'd.

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