My husband had a heart attack

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  • lostlantern

    I am sorry to hear about your husband. My father was in the same situation, he too was in the VA. He received great care and has done really well. I know what you are going through and will keep you in my prayers.

  • jwfacts

    Wishing him a speedy recovery and i hope this allows you some time with your twins.

  • Snoozy

    I just want to give people on this board a big hug!

    You are all so caring and your concern for Ms. Mcduckett brings back memories to me. A little over 3 years ago I was on this board when I found out hubby had cancer! We were told

    on 9-11-02 of all dates...

    I received so much support from you guys. you will never know how much your kind words meant to me.

    He was a JW so most of the friends we had were his (You know how that goes) I felt pretty alone. I also had a daughter that was pretty sick and had to be operated on at the same time. I felt like I didn't sleep for the entire 5 months he was sick and he passed away 2/5/03. You guys were always there for me..right up to the end.

    So I in turn want to tell Ms Mcduckett to please try and at least lie down . Clear your head and think about nothing for a while.

    The Drs. are taking care of your hubby and he will need you later. So take care of yourself.

    I hope all goes well..Medicine can do so much these days..Big hug to your family..hope your twins eyes are opened before it's to late!..

    It's so sad when I hear of family being shunned. So barbaric and cruel.!

    Snoozy Q..


  • Soledad

    You're in my thoughts MrsMD

    I hope your husband makes a full recovery. Please keep us posted.

  • bem

    ((((((MrsMcD))))) Sending you lots of positive energy give the Mr. our best thoughts. And yes take care of you.


  • gumby



  • Kaput

    Hope things go well!

  • nilfun

    Sending my best wishes for a speedy recovery (())

  • freedomlover

     ((((((((Mr & MrsDucket)))))))
    what a rough day! It sounds like you got to the hospital on time. Take care and get some well deserved sleep!
  • Honesty

    ((((((((Mr & MrsDucket)))))))

    I hope you both are doing better tonight.

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