My husband had a heart attack

by MsMcDucket 68 Replies latest jw friends

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo


    Praying for a speedy recovery for hubby.

    And try make sure you take care of yourself.

  • Rook

    So sorry to hear that, hope all turns out good.

  • vitty

    ((((((( mrsMcDucket )))))))

  • Beachbender

    Just saw this thread, good to hear that your hubsand`s surgery went well. Lots of positive thoughts going out to him from here! Hope he has a quick recovery.

  • Gill

    ((((((( MsMcDucket )))))))

    It sounds as if your husband is in very good hands and the doctors are doing a great job. I hope everything goes really well for you both!!!

    Get some rest because you need it!



  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    MsMcducket and Mrsjones - Wishing you well and your husbands both a full and speedy recovery. God bless.


  • luna2

    Just saw this too. Eeeek! Something like that is so frightening. Hope he (and Mr. Jones as well) keep improving. Also hope your twins are jolted enough by this to perhaps start examining their hearts.

    (((MsMcD))) and (((Mrs.Jones)))

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    MrsMcDucket! ((((((((((((BIIIIIIIGHUGS)))))))))))))))) Hope things are gonna get better for him and you, cher! I'll be thinkin' of yall. Crabby Pants went through this and had to have a triple by-pass a few years ago. You hang in there, sweetie!


  • Saoirse


    I hope your husband makes a speedy and full recovery. I will be praying for his health and your peace of mind.

    I hope and pray that this will be a wake-up call for your twins. Hang in there.

    ((((((Mrs. Jones)))))))

    I'm glad your husband is OK. I hope he continues to make a full recovery.

  • lonelysheep

    ((((MrsMcDucket)))) I'm so sorry. I've been through that w/my dad a few years ago and do feel for you.

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