Disturbing paragraph in Dec 15, 2005 Watchtower

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  • oldflame

    I think we are going to destroy ourselves before Armageddon

  • rebel8

    Fabulous Ironclaw! That is exactly what I was looking for. That page is one of the top ten things leading me to leave the borg (and I wonder how many others). I used it to finish up the brochure, posted below. (It will be on my web site soon too. It is a book fold format so anyone wanting to use it should be able to paste it into a Word document, print on both sides of the paper.)

    I went to the public library last wk and while there checked to see if they had books on JWs. There was one book against, and the rest was WTS literature. I was appalled! I plan on putting this pamphlet in all the pro-dub books whenever I go to the library.

  • rebel8

    Here is page 1 and 4 (the rest of the brochure): Bluesbrother, That is a creepy picture! I ran out of space so I just used the color pics. Thanks though! Ick!

  • YoursChelbie


    The information on the pamphlet is great. And you put all that together yourself--excellent! Is there a way I can get a printable version of it? I'd like to distribute it some family members who have studied so that they can know what they are getting into.

    Also, can you direct me to a picture you posted a while back with a line across a drawing of a watchtower and remind me how you are using it to spread the word of the truth about the wts? Thanks!


  • rebel8

    Hi there. All you have to do is right click, paste into a normal sized word document, resize and center the image to the page, and print. You will end up with 2 papers, each with 2 pages. When you photocopy, copy them on the back of each other and you will end up with a foldable 4-pg brochure.

    Here is the logo, which needs some work:

  • juni

    I'm surprised that in the picture of the feast of the beasts that there are no dismembered bodies of humans.

  • Gretchen956
    Who sings at the sight of dead bodies? Anyone?

    Pat Robertson

  • Tigerman

    As I was turning my steak on the the grill I happened to drop it on the deck . . . so, having the presence of mind of a knat I cooked it 'til I thought it was just right, " blackened rare." The connection to topic you may ask? I ate some of it . . .bad move; I think I need to throw up.

  • DannyHaszard

    They are a classic supremacist,extremist doomsday cult in every whacked away!

    I knew a MS from the kingdom hall of Jehovah's Witnesses Rockland Massachusetts circa late 1980's early 1990's who's favorite quote was,"there are seven birds for every human" and "they are all worldly slime"My own elder dad's fav was "birds gotta eat too" and my maternal JW grandfather spouted worse venom Watchtower top boss Freddy Franz his fav was "little nits grow up to be big nits" ---------------------------------------------------- Danny Haszard born 3rd generation Jehovah's Witness 1957 some of the images below are from my first theocratic 'coloring book' and my nightmares.

    This pic above (not from the WT) is nearly identical to a Black and White 2' X 4' "visual aid" that my Elder dad used in public talks all over during the mid 1960's.

    What gets me is that Jehovah's Witnesses practice spiritual incest 50% of all JW membership are blood related John 6:65 clearly states 'no one can come to me (JC) unless the father first draws him'.How is it that my huge Haszard clan are all deemed saved because my rebel,socialist grandfather took the magazines in 1951?
  • jgnat
    Who sings at the sight of dead bodies? Anyone?

    Gumby and Gretchen, the 2006 JW calendar for January and February shows Miriam and the priests singing before Moses and the Red Sea after they were delivered from Egypt. There is a lot of flotsam in the water from Pharoah's destroyed fleet.

    Singing at the sight of dead bodies?

    Nevermind that the priests in their vestments had not been appointed yet.

    I always kind of imagined Miriam singing eastwards towards the promised land. But that's me.

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