Why Do We Come Onto These Boards???

by minimus 49 Replies latest jw friends

  • Apostanator

    I come here for New Light in what's going on with Jehovahs Organization.

  • stillajwexelder

    To get the truth. I seem to get all the true JW news here far faster than I do at the Kingdom Hall

  • bem

    This board is the only one I visit daily, I'm addicted, I agree with Hubert I like having made friends around the world

  • Snoozy

    I sure don't meet too many Leo's...

    I'll be 64 too for one day before you turn 65...

    Are you on Social Security yet?

    I am collecting on mine since hubby passed away..then when I turn 65 I can collect on his instead. It will be more because he was on disability and I get to collect that full amount.

    I hope I can hold out that long...

    Snoozy Q..

  • fullofdoubtnow

    For me this is a good place to be.

    Most of us have either left or are thinking of leaving the wts, so we can support each other.

    I have made a few new friends since leaving, but none of them have walked in my shoes, whilst most of you on here have, and this board has helped me to deal with issues that only an ex jw would really understand.

    That's why I'm here


  • ferret

    Snoozy I am a Leo and also a pensioner, Still running a business though. Congtatulations on your next big birthday.


  • GoingGoingGone

    I am also addicted to JWD... I love this place.

    Fading from an organization while your spouse is the equivilant of a high-ranking official is hard, to say the least. When it's a cult, it's that much harder. When you've been in all your life, and you truly believed it, and you have no friends that aren't, and you risk being shunned by them all if you say or do the wrong thing...... Well, you all understand that!! All of it!! The people here are in varying stages of Been-There-Done-That, and willing to share their experiences and information and anything else they can. It's awesome.

    This is community, I feel comfortable here, for so many reasons that only you guys could understand. You can ask anything, discuss anything, and get honest (and blunt... and rude... and helpful... and wise) answers.

    Yup.... I love this place. And all you guys.


  • flyphisher

    hello all.

    This is only board I know where I can discuss all sort of topics one can imagine. With people all around the world. If it is a JW-problem, I find a JW answering me; if it is about WTS-critics, I find a WTS-critics answering me; if it is a scientific problem, then I find a scientist; and if it is an odd question, I certainly find an odd guy answering me;-) Same in all other matters.

    This board is really a singular one. Nothing compares to it.

  • Think

    Alcoholos Anonimus Syndrome, I guess...

    Companionship, share common pain and experience, understanding...

  • cyd0099

    It's funny, I was long away from the Dubs but I felt unsure, without closure. I wasn't JW, I wasn't not JW, I was stuck, unable to progress in any aspect of life. Dragging remnants of the Truth™ behind me made me feel unworthy of love, I didn't date, I had no work I enjoyed.

    I know now I wasn't alone while i sat in the Hall®, we were just afraid to find each other thanks to the conditioning of the Society™. This board has allowed me to close the door.

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