What is your IQ?

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  • skyman

    Blondie must have small B***** with that high of an IQ

  • anewme

    I took the test and I must say how pleased I was with the results! 140
    I always suspected I was intelligent..... but balanced with a very loving heart.

  • Robert K Stock
    Robert K Stock

    Mine is 130.

    I have taken several IQ tests over the years. I do not think they prove anything except how well you do on IQ tests.

    If someone is interested in a subject they will learn as much as possible about that subject and may have new insights that others have not seen regardless of IQ score.

  • blondie
    Blondie must have small B*****

  • upside/down

    Don't things on the Net appear larger than they actually are?

    Kinda like the camera adding ten pounds...

    My IQ was only 120... but then again I have about 30 hot babes with college degrees working for me...but what do I know?

    The fact that I was a Dub for 20 years...VOLUNTARILY...nullifies any claims to higher intelligence I may have ever had...

    u/d (of the high IQ dudes...never get the hot chicks class)

  • skyman
    Don't things on the Net appear larger than they actually are

    Even IQ's Blondie they are very nice

  • Gretchen956

    IQ is definately not everything!

    Many people with IQs over 140 and 150 are waiting tables and have menial jobs as it is hard to relate in the real world.

    This is SO true! For some of us we have other disabilities, many times cognitive disabilities that detract from that. For instance, mine is 149 but I have ADD. So if you were around me much you wouldn't believe it as people tend to see me as air-headed. That comes from the distractibility and from our minds racing ahead.

    For instance if you start telling me a story about parking your car prior to meeting me for a starbucks, while you are talking I have:

    noticed that one of your socks is black and one is blue
    saw that the lady at the next table is listening in to the conversation
    looked up 6 times when the door opened to let someone in/out
    wondered whether its going to rain again today
    wondered to myself if you were ever going to trade in your 1972 Primer colored VW bug
    noticed the lettuce stuck in your teeth
    thought to myself how it was okay because I got to read the comics in the paper before you got there
    wondered if I remembered to turn the lights out and the burner off before I left my house
    wondered if I parked too close to that hydrant and whether I'd be ticketed or towed
    checked out the particularly attractive barista

    All in the time it took you to say, I had to circle the block twice before I found a spot.

    So, no, IQ is not everything!


  • Saoirse

    I don't want to burst any bubbles but, online IQ tests are not accurate. The only recognized IQ tests are the ones that are administered by a specially trained psychologist. These tests are quite long, sometimes taking an hour or more. While in school, I had to sit through two of them.

    IQ tests are fine for placement but other than that, having a high or low score isn't really going to impact your life all that much. What's the point of having a high IQ if you are unemployed or washing windows for a living? There are a number of people who have gone on to great success without having the IQ of Einstein. It's not what you have, it's how you use it that counts.

    When I was 8 I tested at 145, my younger brother tested at 155. We both were enrolled in gifted programs during elementary. We where both honor's students throughout High School, and both of us where told to forget about college.

    My husband and I both had a similar experiences. In our day, seeking a degree was a major no-no. Now it seems like every JW teen is going to college. It makes me feel a bit ripped off at times.

    However, it's never too late to go to school. My husband already completed his Chemical Engineering degree and I will get my Computer Science degree in 2007. If any of you haven't attended college yet I strongly urge you to consider it. You don't have to make any big commitments, just start by taking an evening class at the community college. You will be amazed at how much you learn and it will do wonders for your self-esteem.

  • Rabbit

    • In High School I scored high enough, I just qualified to join Mensa, so-o...

    ...duh, rather than go to college like my Dad had saved for -- I started regular pioneering (See...God was going to kill everyone on earth in 1975(He changed his mind I think), but, I was smart enough to become a witness)

    My JW xwife scored a half point better than I did. She's really smart...she's still a dub. Quit her good job & started pioneering.

    My wife's son has an IQ of 178. Super Genius ! He just got out of prison for the 2nd time (burglary, then drugs).

    IQ is not all it's cracked up to be. Common sense seems to be 'lost' more in High IQ people more often than 'normal' one.

    There ought to be a 'common sense' test. That one will show you the more *successful people.

    *'Successful' -- to me has very little to do with money. That's my opinion of course.

    Rabbit (of the hare-brain class)

  • Saoirse
    but I have ADD

    So do I! My husband gets mad at me all the time for not paying attention when he tells a story. Of course, he has OCD, which can be very annoying at times.

    I am forever losing my keys and I often forget to pay the bills on time. Every little thing distracts me. I have a very difficult time listening to lectures. I used to cram before exams by sitting in the hallway with my hands over my ears because I couldn't handle the chatter in the classroom.

    Do you take any medication for it? I have been taking Adderall and I've noticed that it helps a lot. Though the downside is I tend to get extremely hyper-focused when I take it.

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