Real 'BIG' news WTS sued biggie worker compensation

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  • belbab

    The WT religious organization sells literature to the congregations, No? The congregations send money up front to pay for it. Therefore WT is in the publishing business, and receives remuneration for it. How can they then claim that the manual printing workers are working for a religious order under vow-of-poverty situations. The WT should have covered them for injuries, either with insurance or Compensation premiums and then charged the congregations the added cost of premiums.

    They cover the cost of paper, electricity, presses, in their price of literature to the congregations, why not injury premiums. Would that not be the most loving, Christian way of doing business.

    Do workers at Salvation Army good will distribution stores pay compensation for their workers, I know many get paid for their work, even some who do the kettle work at Xmas? The bethel workers do get paid, room and board and medical, dentistry, even chiropracters according to this lawsuit.

    Any information, anyone?


  • hawkaw
    That's like going to McDonald's and spilling hot coffee on yourself and then blaming McDonald's...oh wait...I guess that can be done, huh?

    No that is not what this is about. This is about a person who was defined by a Judge as an employee/agent of a corporation, and while working for the corporation she became injuried as a result of doing an activity on the corporation's time clock.

    It's just as if while working for my employer, the Government in Ontario, I got injuried due to a fall while on the job while walking outside on the slipery parking lot.

    However, instead of suing the company's a$$ off, the law requires the injuried person to be paid compensation through a state or provincial worker compensation plan. These plans, which are considered insurance plans, are paid by corporations who must pay a prescribed premium according to the law. If you don't pay the premium you could be heavily fined.

    The key to this case is the Judge determined that the person is actually an employee of the corporation (WTS) and the religious volunteer exemption in the Statute does not apply to this particular case.


  • sir82
    The WT religious organization sells literature to the congregations, No?


    Since 1991 or 1992, in the US, the literature is on a "donation" arrangement. The congregation places an order, and the Society sends it out.

    As a separate transaction, in theory at least, the congregation forwards voluntary donations it collects to the Society.

    I have heard of some congregations which didn't contribute "enough" (apparently below some threshold known only to the Society), and the Society held back the literature until more $ was forthcoming. I have no idea if this comprises "sales" in a legal sense.

    But in general, the literature has been "free" for something like 15 years.

  • belbab

    Hey All,

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    Company for compensation claims.

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  • Sheri

    Could this be one reason for the downsizing of Bethel and perhaps moving operations for "employees" ooopps "volunteers" to another state and better protection against Workers Comp laws?



  • daniel-p

    "didn't a guy lose his hand long ago at Bethel and all he got was sent home?"
    - what about the guy who fell down an elevator shaft and died? I wonder if that sort of thing could have been a wrongful death lawsuit. But it was so long ago....

    I to was threatened with dismisal because of a repetitive strain injury doing some particularly repetitive tasks. It wasn't getting any better and I couldn't work. I did physical thereapy for a couple weeks and after that they had some guy recomend I leave. I pulled some strings though and I got to stay - but at the time I was crushed they would just send me home without giving me more recuperation time. Little did I know that newboys are a dime a dozen in the States. These kind of injuries are some of the most common, especially in the bindery and shipping.

  • stillAwitness


  • hawkaw

    For those who want to report about the goings on at Georgetown Ontario complex ....
    How do I report suspected cases of non-compliance and fraud in Ontario to the Worker Safety and Insurance Board? WSIB Security and Investigations Branch You can use our toll-free action line or e-mail address (e-mail does not guarantee protection of your identity) to report suspected cases of non-compliance and fraud.

    Call Toll-free:
    1-888-SI-LEADS (1-888-745-3237)
    between 8 a.m. and midnight, Monday to Friday
    E-mail us at: [email protected] 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Note: I might suggest you supply a link to the New York Daily News newspaper article

  • AuldSoul

    To put this clearly in context:

    This case has already been tried and the WTS LOST the case. They are appealing, but if it is not overturned on appeal things look fairly bleak for the ol' WTS in the future. This is just another indication of the increased willingness of courts to separate secular issues from religious and not to take every claim of religious basis at face value.

    That general mood bodes well for our ability to get the tort of misrepresentation through on the basis of narrow relief.


  • sir82

    The ruling was made by a "Worker's Compensation Law Judge", according to the article.

    Does that mean it was tried in a "normal" court, or is there a special setting for Worker's Comp issues?

    I.e., to whom did they appeal? And how high up can the appeals go?

    The WTS is getting more and more leary about pursuing cases up to the Supreme Court level. But on the other hand, if they don't continue to appeal, this sets a costly precedent.

    I think there are some sweating lawyers in Brooklyn!

    By the way, I'd bet a large percentage of my paycheck that exactly 0 of the layoffs will come from the legal department.

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