Real 'BIG' news WTS sued biggie worker compensation

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  • AuldSoul

    Good morning, jgnat! [waves to jgnat]

    You have a message on your space. I am eagerly anticipating your take on that.

    This is HUGE news, Danny. Not too sure of the conection to the layoffs, but it is definitely part of the death knell for the bOrg. Thanks for posting it.


  • hawkaw

    Wow. That's going to leave a friggin mark.

    I wonder what our Ontario Board will do about the Georgtown complex after this ruling.

    No doubt there will be an appeal

    Hey, who is going to send this ruling to the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board ( and explain that the WTS has a complex in Georgetown.

    Hey Mr. Little you better go buy some more Depend undergarments.


  • JackC

    The WTS will fight this any way they can as long as they can. They will lead most dub’s to blame Upton for this public display (something about the love of the greater number will cool off), instead of the WT for not caring for their own. Besides $79k won’t go far when you get the boot with nothing but the close on your back.

  • RunningMan

    Again, the danger to the society is not the lawsuits from injured workers - not that many are injured, and of that number, not very many would sue. The danger is from the Worker's Compensation Board seeing an opportunity to score some big bucks. While there may be no statute of limitations on individual suits, there would be a practical limitation on how far back the WCB would make assessments. They may perhaps even assess only going forward, which is significant enough.

    The line in the sand will likely be drawn on whether the bethel workers are members of a religious order. They seem to be stretching the definition to ridiculous lengths. Perhaps my company could swear me to servitude and avoid premiums.

    Either way, this development and the implications for all other types of employee benefits must indeed be giving them pause, and could very well be at the back of the recent lay offs. Perhaps the Watchtower will become a sweat shop product - printed by underpaid child bethelites in Indonesia. I suppose then the printing would have as much class as the content.

  • observador

    jgnat said:
    "In Alberta, there is no statute of limitations on worker's compensation. In theory, grandchildren can sue for uncompensated injuries their grandparents suffered."
    Greeeeeeeeeeat! So many "good news"!!!!

  • hawkaw

    Here is the Law in Ontario for the WSIBoard. The Regulation outlines the industries who must pay into the plan.

    The Act

    The Regulation made under the Act:

  • hawkaw

    Look at Schedule 1 in the Regulation I just gave you and the following and tell if the WTS in Georgetown should be contributing to the Board?


    Schedule 1
    Industries the Employers in Which are liable to Contribute to the Insurance Fund

    Class D — Manufacturing

    39. i. Printing and publishing, including job work.

    ii. Publishing.

  • AuldSoul

    Hi hawkaw! Glad to see you resurfacing. I deeply appreciate your perspectives on these issues.


  • Virgogirl

    $79 thousand may not go far, but it's huge, because the payment of any monetary award looks like they are accepting responsibility for the on the job injury. That looks like they are admitting they have employees, and a responsibility to pay for their injuries. I hear the door opening wide!

  • AuldSoul


    The $79,000 was a stipend on their excusal from service. They have now been ordered to pay $400 per week in addition to that amount.

    This is huge.


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