Real 'BIG' news WTS sued biggie worker compensation

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  • Elsewhere
    $79 thousand may not go far, but it's huge, because the payment of any monetary award looks like they are accepting responsibility for the on the job injury. That looks like they are admitting they have employees, and a responsibility to pay for their injuries. I hear the door opening wide!

    Exactly! Now everyone who has ever been injured while working in the WTS New York Facilities can come back and get their settlement. Even if that does not happen, all of the Workers Compensation insurance premiums will knock a big hole in the coffers of the WTS. I find it very interesting that very few religious organizations are capable of functioning without subsidies in the form of tax breaks and legal immunities. If religious organizations were treated the same as a regular business nearly all of them would go bankrupt. So much for divine power. The only thing keeping them afloat is free money and immunity from prosecution.

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    "Also, why a $79,000.00 stipend? Have they ever given any injured Bethel worker any such stipend? didn't a guy lose his hand long ago at Bethel and all he got was sent home?" Carla - That guy who lost his hand - was that in the 1960's? Was his name Chuck? Just wondering because I think one of my friends knew him real well.

  • Virgogirl

    Can you say, "Get the door, it's OSHA?" Yep, time to close up the sweatshops before workplace safety is examined!

  • YoursChelbie

    The line in the sand will likely be drawn on whether the bethel workers are members of a religious order. They seem to be stretching the definition to ridiculous lengths. Perhaps my company could swear me to servitude and avoid premiums.

    If even 50% of past/ present Bethelites are determined as those who qualify to have worker's comp insurance because of their manual labor then this is going to cost the WTS more than they ever dreamed.


  • katiekitten

    I wonder if those guys are still going to the meetings? I cant see how they can still want to be active witnesses when they have done exactly what child molestees get d'fed for - going to a worldly court with their greivance.

    I think they are just playing that line for legal reasons, so it doesnt just look like sour grapes.

    I dont think lots of people will sue off the back of this, but I do think going forward it will make the WBTS have to restructure in a major way. Of course they will sell it all as 'food at the proper time', 'the light growing brighter' and 'loving provision from Jehovah'. Good catch all phrases.

    If they are responsible for workers as if they were employees how does that pan out for people who are d'fed and therefore have to leave their 'job' and have no marketable skills or pension? Or like my friend who went to Stringfellows nightclub in London one night and was asked to leave Bethel the very next day along with several other bethel workers. They literally had 12 hours to clear their rooms and go. I suppose you could treat volunteers like that, but workers?

    Its a very interesting turn of events.

  • Gerard
  • hamsterbait

    Keeping it a "medical-legal issue " is very shrewd.

    Rather like having a car accident with an elder, and taking him to court for medical and other compensatory payments.

    That way they get to keep their family, and the 'loving help' of the congo.

    Of course the WT will fight this, as it sets a precedent for any bethel worker following their orders to go to a particular Hell who might be injured on the way. And for others discarded to save the Borg medical expenses who are now unable to pay their medical bills.

    That the WBTS feels no obligation to help or care for those they throw over their shoulders like empty juice cartons after years of sacrifice is revealing.

    So much for "He will not forget the love you showed for his name." Oh! Wait! God will not forget, just that the WT doesn't have to remember...

    I started a thread showing the proper use of watchtower funds. I proved from the Bible that the WBTS is using its funds scripturally...


  • undercover
    She injured her spine while running to catch a bus at an upstate church compound later that year.

    How is that the Society's fault?

    That's like going to McDonald's and spilling hot coffee on yourself and then blaming McDonald's...oh wait...I guess that can be done, huh?

  • wednesday

    danny, i put this up myself before i saw you had . sorry. anyway, the formatting has gne nuts and my post is a mess. Is there a mod who can just delete that thread? It is a mess. I can't fix it.

    I was very glad to hear this news, way to go!!

    . this is going to make big changes .


  • Legolas

    Great news!!!!!!

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