Real 'BIG' news WTS sued biggie worker compensation

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    I'm glad I found my way out to, thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    I don't know if they will be df's, however things will never be the same for them in this religion which is great. I have a feeling they will just leave someday. My fathers attitude this last two years about the religion has change. I dont know exactly what it is but this court case for some reason did'nt suprise me. You can't do something like this in this religion and expect everthing to just blow over, they keep track of all there peolpe so much, that the thought of them ever having privleges within the cong. seems impossible, they both been in for nearly 30 years SO MUCH FOR CHRISTIAN FREEDOM! Anyways, hope to here from anyone out there thats on the fence with this religion, maybe I can help. I have been in the center of this religion for over a decade and I left because of studing the scriptures on my own without the aid of the watchtower and realizing that this religion is what it is, false. If your happy with this religion please don't write back.

    Philip said to Him, " Lord, show us the Father, and it is enough for us." Jesus said to him, " Have I been so long with you, and yet you have not come to know Me, Philip? He who has seen me has seen the Father."

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    I just popped in to see what JW Ben had to say...................apparently nothing. Oh well, maybe tomorrow...........

    Hello and welcome love and admiration to your parents.



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    The Leological One
    JW BEN, CT Russell stated that a student would be better off to study the WT publications than the Bible because if they studied Studies in the Scriptures alone the would have the "Truth" however if they studied the Bible alone after just 2 years the would be back in spiritual darkness.

    Silenced1212, that's one of the big things I didn't think of when I posted earlier and is a major prob for Ben to answer, I think.

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    "I would really like to know more about these people. They have to be intelligent people to see their rights and not be bulldozed around by the WTS."

    I have know both Mike and Brenda for several years, as of about a year ago Mike was an elder (don't know the status right now) and they are the last ones on earth that I would have ever thought to sue the society. They were by the book all the way. And both are extremely intelligent.

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    Does anyone know the final outcome in this case? I imagine the couple were successful because now the WTBTS is moving out of New York.

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    Does anyone know the final outcome in this case?

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    Could this be the root cause of the sell-offs, bethelite lay-offs and moving?

    The secret to where all the money has gone?

    Imagine if bethelite's were legally entitled to minimum wage for all of their volunteer labor. Then all the unreported taxes and insurances...


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