Real 'BIG' news WTS sued biggie worker compensation

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  • AuldSoul

    Okay, I think West70 brought up the most important effect of this thing. It sharpens the distinction between the top and the bottom in the minds of Bethelites. So does the layoff.

    That is the schism I'm referring to that we need to find ways to deepen. How do we make the spirit even more "us against them" within the walls of Bethel, among the top and bottom?


  • TheListener


    you asked how to deepend the schizm between the upper bethelites and the lower bethelites.

    Here are some things that separate them:

    -rooming arrangement.

    -job assignments.

    -work hours. - similar to job assignments; but you would rarely see a brother with seniority working some night shift.

    -the illusion that the senior brothers aren't watched over as closely. their housekeepers would think twice before turning in a 40 or 50 or 60 year service bethelite for a messy room. of course, that is just the young'uns viewpoint, in actuality the 40, 50 and 60 year service bethelite probably doesn't leave a messy room.

    -the power to make the younger bethelites nervous in their everyday life. radio too loud? room not clean enough? late for breakfast? spend too long in the locker room changing before work? vacationing too much? too many girls calling, writing or visiting? missing the monday night study? not doing well at entrants school (for new boys only); too enthusiastic about sports - competitive?

    -i don't know how much of a problem this is now but what about parking spaces.

  • silenced1212

    The Uptons used to live in this area (South Carolina) before moving and starting a practice in Daytona FL. Mike and Brenda are a very bright, dedicated(as of last conversation), fun loving couple that have always seemed generous and good hard-hearted. They passed through Spartanburg SC on their way to Washington and made no mention of the situation that I am aware of.

    What may have made their situation different from other "volunteers" is that, if I recall correctly, they were woo'ed to some degree because of their specialized and needed skill (both are chiropracters) and "volunteered" with a specific job assignment in mind.

  • Cellist

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  • serendipity

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  • JW Ben
    JW Ben

    Personaly i do not think that person is entitles to any more money that she already has. When she went to Bethal she knew full well the terms of what to expect. She hadf an agreement with them a contract for here services.

    She was not doing any "Bethal Work" at the time as she was trying to catch a bus.

    The Watchtower Society as a orporation may go down bu Jehovahs Witnesses will never disapear. They are here to stay.

  • JW Ben
    JW Ben

    I agree that for WC law that some people would be consideres employees this is true here in Astalia, As a tax accountant i can say that for here the definition of an employee is any one that does work for someone else where 80% of that work is done for one person "employer" and the "employer" sets starting and finishibng times and dictates what work has to be done by what time.

    But still the Uptons went into a situation that they were aware of the "volunteer work" comditions and signed an agreement. They received $79000. For me that just shows their greed for more money.

    Someone said that the WTS was a "business doing buisness". This is true to a certain extent but not true as a cmomercial operation. It is non profit as no share holder ever receives a dividend. There is no income from having shares in the Corperation. So no one profits after taxes are paid. The WTS as a legal entity may have an lot of money, but the money is not used to line someones pockets. It is used for religous purposes, whether it be printing their material, building KH in poor countries, doing relief work in destater areas.

    I do think if NY laws are anything like Aust WC laws the legal entity should have been fined for not complying with state laws, if the state laws do stipulate that the relationship was indeed an emploer employee one.

    The Uptons shopuld have been content with thir payout

  • JW Ben
    JW Ben

    For the last 10 years I have volunteered at the local primary school helping in the class room and working with children in small groups for up to 20 hours a week. I also serve on the schools governing council and finance committe. transport chilfren in my van to various excurtions and have been on many school camps.

    If I were to get injured in any way doing this volunteer work I would not sue the school for compensation, and I do not know of any of the volunteers that put in time at the school doing so either.

    Here in Australia hundreds of thousands of people volunteer in all sort ways in the community. It is part of the Aust way. many social based operations would not work without volunteers. That includes our volunteer fire fighters in the country arears. Many have did from fighting fires.

    That is the nature of volunteer work. You do not expect anything in return, and do so at your own expence and risk.

  • billy1

    This lawsuit opened up a huge can of worms.

  • billy1

    1. Just wanted to comment on the situation with the chiropractors suing the watchtower. They are my parents. I left this religion a few months back. I now attend a wonderful church. Since then of course I have been labeled an apostate(any ex-jw's know what I mean) and to say the least my relationship with any of my jw relatives has ceased. leaving this religion after ten years and getting my daughter out is the best thing ever. I hope and pray that my parents excape the watchtower's brainwashing and come to know God like I have without the aid of this cult. I hope they leave after this experience, they might not have a choice.

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