Spokesman-Review article "Cut off by Faith"

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  • zagor
    "If the elders don't like you, you'd better leave town," Frances Rawe said.

    Amen Brother! How true, how true!

  • Dansk
    I believe that keeping JW scandal public keeps pressure on WT.

    Absolutely! Well done, Linda!!


  • Van Gogh
    Van Gogh

    Concur Gary1914:

    "The truth that they alledgedly have should be able to withstand any amount of questioning..............."

    IMHO a text-book case of concise, balanced, understated, and factual reporting. Sketching the essence in this seemingly simple way is often harder then it appears to be... traces of emotion and adjective could cloud the message and defeat its purpose.

    Let them be condemned by their own words and let their "loving measures" speak for themselves.

    Facts could evoke emotion in others, like Nathan confronting King David with his own overzealous judgment and rationalized actions.


  • Mr Rocky
    Mr Rocky

    Thanks for the support fellow ex-JWonians. Now as to the remark by Mike Graham " That he walked down this path with his eyes wide open". I just don't know what could have ever given him that idea

    In fact I told him on the phone that he was going to have to disfellowship me because I was not going out of the Org through the loyalty question that he posed on the phone. "Do you still consider yourself as one of Jehovah' Witnesses". After they threatened me with a judicial meeting I told them that they weren't following the bible because Mathew 18 says "before the congregation" and that never means just the elders. The Greek word there is ecclesia by definition it is the entire congregation. In fact I told him that If they were going disfellowship me that I was going to the local paper with a letter to the editor! Graham said something to the effect of "I thought that would be the case". I also called him the next day before his sunday meeting and threatened him with "by the way if you just decided not to disfellowship me and just shun me then I will go to the paper anyway. I also stated how much I like the Mark Furhman radio show on JW pedophiles a couple of years ago. I also told him to tell Mike Seiferman that in particular." You see I recognized Mike Siefferman voice on the Mark Furhman recordings on the Silent Lambs Web Site. Mike Siefferman is an elder in the local hall and is good friends with Graham. He also loves Radio talk i.e. Gorden G. Liddy, Rush Limbaugh and the like. He also always wore Rush Limbaugh ties to the meetings.

    If you missed the links to the Mark Furhman show on Silent Lambs here they are



    So did I ask for it? Not little old me.

  • mrs rocky2
    mrs rocky2
    The elder Graham had one thing right. When a person who is one of JWs starts down the road of being "openly" critical of the organization they most certainly know where the raod leads. Now I'm not saying that there isn't alot of criticism that can be justifiably leveled against the organization, only that one can choose to be discreet or indiscreet.

    We chose to be extremely discreet for the sake of family for a number of years. We were "openly" critical about the organization to only one person who wasn't even a member of the local congregation. He did not come to us first in harmony with Matt. 18:15. He ran straight to the local body of elders. Discreet went out the window once the congregation elders chose to ignore scriptural guidelines. (See Mr Rocky's post about details of his conversations with Mike Graham.) Once we were sanctioned unfairly, we had nothing more to lose as our families blindly follow the organization. By the way, as far as we know, there has not been an announcement to the congregation indicating that I am no longer one of Jehovah's Witnessess. However, for the most part, I am treated as if I have been disfellowshipped. The only JW family members who still have contact with me live hundreds of miles away. Our association has been limited to phone calls regarding health matters. Linda

  • Mr Rocky
    Mr Rocky

    Dear FairMind: As you proably are aware by my last post that discretion as in being quite is not my way.

    I knew full well what I was getting into when I chewed on the Witness who turned me in.

    If we remain under their radar in our activities that is a good thing and I did that for 6 years.

    When time was right I blew the lid off. I believe that when JW's see others take a very vocal stand it gives the trapped ones more determination to do whats right. Particularly when they look bad it the publics eyes. This is even a better thing.

    By the way Linda and I are seeing some very strange JW shunning on this one. Like I am not sure were not getting some sympathy from within the hall. I have even been talked to by one that should be shunning me. Maybe they are to new to know how to shun properly. Or maybe the small town "all eyes on them" thing is really bugging them.

  • mrs rocky2
    mrs rocky2


  • Mr Rocky
    Mr Rocky

    I would like to let everyone know we are hoping that Linda's and Barbara Andersons interview with Mark Furhman will be available to hear on a certain site very soon!

  • Sunspot

    To Gary1914;

    ***It was mentioned that the Watchtower says that the disfellowshipped are welcome to come back if they repent. Repent from what?

    Repent from disagreeing with the WTS of course!!!! You must think as they do and conform YOUR MIND to THEIR IDEAS....(and of COURSE, keep silent if you ever have any more thoughts contrary to theirs....or the scene WILL be repeated)

    ***I would to be able to judge for myself who I want to be friends with and who I consider to be merely acquaintances. Besides, sometimes it seems to me that the most evil persons in the Hall are those that we don't suspect and who are grinning at us and praying for us at every meeting.

    Naturally the WTS reps aren't gonna TELL you who the child molesters, pedophlies, liars and cheats ARE, right? You wouldn't want them to be guilty of gossip would ya?

    So...what's a few corrupt individuals floating around when odds are that you won't KNOW who these ARE until its too late....and they have expensive lawsuits to cover THAT and kicking the victims and their parents to the curb to ensure the "gossip" will go no further....oh, and don't forget---protecting the IMAGE of this evil organization!


    To the "Rocky's";

    All I can add is my love and admiration to you both for your contribution in bring that ever-so-precious image of the WTS down in your corner of the country and on JWD as well. BRAVO!!!!

  • mrs rocky2
    mrs rocky2

    I hope we don't wear folks out with this topic. Our hope is that our story will encourage others in similar situations to contact the media and let their stories be heard. I used to think that the JW religion was benign and harmless. I no longer believe this. Any organization that chooses a policy that does not put the safety of children first is dangerous. It is sad that there are many rank and file JWs who are ignorant of this issue and blindly follow WT. So if the publicity helps even one person, what we have done is not in vain.


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