Spokesman-Review article "Cut off by Faith"

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  • M.J.

    Thanks Joel,

    I meant no provocation in my comments. Sorry if it came across that way. I see your point about conveying the matter most effectively to a non-JW audience. To this end the article was EXCELLENT! I guess what I'm always looking at is how I can use newspaper articles such as this one to get my JW loved one to open her eyes...so that's where I was coming from. You make a great point, though, that a mere newspaper article accomplish very little for a JW in any case. The greatest impact would come when they're going door-to-door and people already know their game and call them on it. So I applaud you in your efforts. More people in your situation should do as you have done.


  • Mr Rocky
    Mr Rocky

    Thanks MJ:

    I was not offended by your statement at all. It was an issue that I had tossed around before with myself.

    As far as my sister-in-laws doubts go, I can tell you that she has always been one of those that can pick an apostate from a mile away.

    The only time that got her going, that I can think of, is on luke 16 "The Unjust Steward" which I believe all scholars have wrong.

    At the time I was trying show my JW fleshly brother what Luke 16 was about when she wasn't even in the room. But she over heard enough that it sounded like I was saying JW's are wrong on it. Of course I do think that, after all they just explain it like all other scholars!

    In the past she knows also that I have been critical of legal matters involving the way local elders run the hall Corporation! But that's about it.

    The reporter told me that, after she had interviewed Andrea, that she was, how shall I say it, was not sure of her mental state? I said that was perfect, she had seen what is typical of most all JW's.


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