Spokesman-Review article "Cut off by Faith"

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  • Mr Rocky
    Mr Rocky


    I posted this yesterday in Friends but it never showed up in Friends. Without a link it died a very fast death in Active Topics. I have reason to believe this link will be gone very soon. View it while you can! We have had good feed back from local people. They still stop us and give encouragement even after more than two months later.

    Some of these locals tell us that it isn't right for religion to come between family while others find it unbelievable that they disfellowshipped us for speaking up for children.

    No one has spoken in disfavor of us to this point. I believe that this is the case because,as Mark Furman infered in his interview with Linda and Barb, someone who would not be against pediophiles is the same as one.

  • mrs rocky2
    mrs rocky2

    I believe there was one reader who wrote to the Spokesman asking why this article was front page news. The Spokesman commented to the effect that, given the religious situation in the world today with fanatical religions causing trouble (such as 9/11 terrorism), it was an important subject to cover. Other letters to the Spokesman were favorable. We have had phone calls, mail, invitations to join Bible study groups and churches, hugs and prayers on our behalf.

    My mother asked me why I talked to the newspaper. She is finding it difficult to believe that Rocky would be DFd for speaking about the child molestation reporting policy to only one person. My father thinks Rocky should have met with the JC anyway, but we knew the policy would not be changed so a meeting with the JC would be in vain. Rocky would have been DFd anyway. I believe that keeping JW scandal public keeps pressure on WT. I told my mother I spoke to the paper because we need to protect children - something WT has not been doing.

    Linda, aka Mrs Rocky2

  • skyman

    welcome to the forum I loved your story and feel the compassion for you I live close to you guys but do not recognize any of the name in the paper. I truely hate the JW religion right now and hope my love one come to their senses much like you hope yours do.

  • Swan

    Wow! They sure make themselves look bad. The reporter did an excellent job of reporting fairly, but they come across as being totally unreasonable control freaks.

    Oh, that's right... they are.


  • Poztate

    I posted this yesterday in Friends but it never showed up in Friends. Without a link it died a very fast death in Active Topics. I have reason to believe this link will be gone very soon. View it while you can!

    If it showed up in active topics it also showed up in friends.The problem with friends is that sometimes there is a huge lag before it shows up. I have seen a day or two go by before a page will refresh properly for me. (alt f5) I don't know if it is me or the site.

    P.S. I have seen your link before and it is worthy of a ... bttt

  • sassafras

    Hi Mr and Mrs Rocky- I just read the article.... GOOD FOR YOU for going to the Spokesman! We're out here in Eastern WA too. What date did this appear in the SR? In the article it mentioned a meeting in Airway Heights for DF'ed people. Do you know of any of these meetings in the future? Congratulations on your new found freedom!

  • FairMind

    The elder Graham had one thing right. When a person who is one of JWs starts down the road of being "openly" critical of the organization they most certainly know where the raod leads. Now I'm not saying that there isn't alot of criticism that can be justifiably leveled against the organization, only that one can choose to be discreet or indiscreet.

  • mcsemike

    I emailed the person who wrote the article and gave her the Silent Lambs information. Whoever said that publicity is important is correct. The more people who learn of this outrage, the better. I don't know if Danny will read this, but he said to me "All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." I would like to alter that as I remember it in high school. "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for ENOUGH good men to do nothing." If all of us do something, tell someone, email someone, we start becoming "enough good men" and then the WT will die for good. I hope I live long enough to see Brooklyn shut down, JW's outlawed in the USA, and if any of them are found working underground, that may be a good place to make sure they stay, UNDERGROUND. Happy New Year to everyone.

  • Gary1914

    The elder in the congregation made it sound as if Linda and Joel were murderers or something as horrible. What the heck did they do anyway? Does questioning your religion make you wicked? When you have doubts you want to use others as a sounding board but the witnesses will not let you do that. They are afraid that their religious beliefs will not stand scrutiny, otherwise there would be no problem in discussing your doubts with others. The truth that they alledgedly have should be able to withstand any amount of questioning without having the questioner summoned to a judicial meeting.

    It was mentioned that the Watchtower says that the disfellowshipped are welcome to come back if they repent. Repent from what? I could perhaps see the point if they did indeed commit wicked acts like rape or stealing or murder. But questioning a religion should never be considered a disfellowshipping offense.

    Which brings me to the whole question of disfellowing in general. I believe the scriptures are telling us to use our good sense. If someone is a liar or a fornicator or a thief, I don't need an organization to tell me that maybe this person is not good company. I would stay away from this person on my own. I would speak to him, assist him if he needed help but I would probably not seek his company out. I know how to choose friends for myself, I am an adult, and I do not need an announcement in the Kingdom Hall to tell me who to stay away from. I would to be able to judge for myself who I want to be friends with and who I consider to be merely acquaintances. Besides, sometimes it seems to me that the most evil persons in the Hall are those that we don't suspect and who are grinning at us and praying for us at every meeting.

  • zagor

    Can't you just feel the love while you're reading this?!?

    All you JW reading this, you are such bastards

    Family members have tried to turn their college-age daughters against them.

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