I'm going to give you one more chance.

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  • hillbilly

    I never used any WT angles, arguments or quotes in any of my school work....Why?

    • knew a very smart upper-classman JW who got frosted everytime she tried it
    • never was a "team player" anyway
    • early on, being an observant lad, I noted the the WT society never had Library of Congress numbers on the fly pages...after a few questions asked of my school librarian about that issue, I concluded that the WT stuff didnt qualify as " real" books


  • LDH

    Hill and others,

    Out of curiousity were you born into the religion, or were you 'migrated?' I wonder what the difference is in the level of brainwashing....

  • evita

    Wish I had been as sophisticated as Hillbilly.
    My mom became a JW when I was 14. I resisted for 6 months but was overcome by love-bombing and mind control.
    We had a flood in our garage recently so I had to go through some old papers. Guess what I found? All my old papers from HS, the ones where I tried to "witness" to the teacher.
    Here's a particularly embarassing one. A paper on the Social Security system that ends with an entire chapter on how " the new system is coming soon and we won't need Social Security. Here's what the teacher wrote;
    "You lost me here - and I'm questioning as a Christian, not a non-believer...the system is not working - agreed - perhaps being human we can never solve all human problems, but where is the transition? What if the government one day said, OK, SS is not functioning so we'll drop it. What would the people do? Would a God given system appear to feed them? I guess I subscribe to the philosophy that, on earth, God's work must come through humans trying to do the right thing. Again, I'm not criticizing your beleifs. Just asking a question which I have often considered."
    As I read through these papers I feel so sad for my young self. My future experiences in this religion would cause me much heartache and loss but teenage me was so very naive.

  • OpenFireGlass

    HA! These are the papers my dad would always try to get me to do/write... I just as soon do no paper cause I couldn't stay after school or get to a library... Doing no paper earned me an "F"... An "F" earned me a beating.... Just goes to show I would rather have been humiliated privately, than humiliated among my peers...

  • Kudra

    I feel more sheepish than most here, I fear. -And another Californian...

    In my COLLEGE botany class we were supposed to do a paper on what we thought was the most important plant to the human race (like most did theirs on rice, maize, poppies etc).

    Well, guess what plant I chose???

    The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad. In COLLEGE. Complete with a "Thorough Witness". And I truely felt sooo righteous about it. I really actually made me feel good.

    Now it sort of makes me want to wretch. I really don't think I could tell anyone who knows me now about that...

    Hopefully this will help purge that horrible memeory. I recently wrote that professor about that whole paper/where I am now but haven't heard back from him. It's been a few weeks. I think he is avoiding someone who he feels is a total nutcase...

    It was one of my more cringe-worthy moments as a JW.


  • Axelspeed
    Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad. In COLLEGE.

    LOL. I think we have a winner. Kudra, I cringe for you. But hey, you did get to go to college at least.

    Axel - of the "many of us have been there class"

  • Swan

    Those teachers were just upset because they paid thousands to go to college for 4 years and here comes along this student with these magazines that would have given them the college education for a fraction of the cost in time and money!


  • daystar

    ROFL!! You guys were dorks...

    (I am so just kidding. Bless your hearts... I am a geek too, but I can't say that I ever pulled JWism into any school papers...)

  • Jim_TX

    Hmmmmm... brings back memories... *sigh* not pleasant ones, either.

    I seem to recall doing a research paper in Junior High on LSD, and used the Awakes as my sources.

    It got rejected by the teacher... if I recall... no credible 'references'. She wanted a bibliography. (I also think that she allowed one or two references from WTBTS materials, but wanted me to get other references, too. I wound up in the library looking up REAL info.)

    I learned real quick how REAL papers are written... something one doesn't get by reading partially quoted, and possibly mis-quoted drivel from the WTBTS.


    Jim TX

  • katiekitten
    Well, guess what plant I chose???

    The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad.

    BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - you poor thing, thats TOTALLY hilarious!

    And it makes me feel a bit better for the paper I wrote.

    I was in PRIMARY school, and we had to write a paper on a topic of our choice. I chose "Drugs, Alcohol and (something else - I cant remember what, but you get the idea). I was all of 8. Can you imagine an 8 year old writing a booklet (it was multiple pages with a front cover) on drugs and alcohol and probably underage sex, if I remember rightly.

    It wasnt graded, because we were too young. It was full of JW sanctimoneous clap trap. I still have it somewhere. I probably had no idea about the topics I were discussing. Even my mum said she was embarassed, but how can you brainwash someone for 8 years then tell them off when they spout it out to someone else.

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