Another great loss in my life..I hesitate to post this ,,

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  • codeblue


    I am so very sorry

    .......sending you much positive energy to help you cope thru this trial and loss of your dear sister.


  • SomeGeek

    Please find comfot know that God loves you and will carry you through this time. Know that people are praying on your behalf...I know I just did :) Stay strong and continue to care for you neice.

  • bigmouth

    "I'm mystified, that suicide,
    should kill the things I really need to say."- Chris Knox

    Dede,there is nothing useful I can say.I'm so very sorry.Pete.

  • outnfree

    (((((Dede, Denny, and family)))))

    I am so very sorry for your tragedy. Such a young woman and such sorrow for all of you!

    I am convinced she is in a better place, as you know, sweetie. Keep being alert to the signs and feelings around you, and you will be sure, too. That will, I hope, help you and your niece to find peace in this present existence.

    As someone who lost a sister under strange circumstances, I'll be praying for comfort and justice for you as well.

    Love and many hugs,

  • MerryMagdalene

    love and prayers


  • david_10

    I know how heartbroken you are and I'm so sorry. Love and best wishes.


  • Sirona

    I'm so sorry that this has happened. Words are useless to express how you are feeling, and they are inadequate for us who are expressing condolences. Just remember that you are loved and supported and that we're all here for you.

    As you know, I believe we live on in spirit. Keep an open mind - it is my belief that your sister will be receiving all of the healing and love she needs and that you will see her (and have your close relationship) again.



  • Spectrum

    ((((Dede )))))
    I'm so sorry for your loss when my father died I thought I'd never recover but time heals.
    When I visit him at his grave I always sense that he is not there but at a better place.

    love Spectrum

  • trevor


    There are no words....

    Perhaps you should talk to someone who can help you deal with the depression that willl follow or read up on the subject. Knowing how this loss will affect you and how to deal with your feelings will not take away the pain but it will help you to cope.

  • Narkissos


    Praying for you and for all those, living or dead, whom you keep on sheltering in your heart.

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