Over 160,000 Simply Left The "Truth" Last Year

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  • Confession
    Unfortunately, though, I think the WT is aware of the problems and will make small changes overtime; they're master of survival, don't forget.

    Wow... Very interesting, Observador. I've wondered about that for awhile now. Small changes? No biggie. But big changes? I think that may eventually lead to a rather massive exodus. I got a kick out of this comment...

    When they finally drop 90% of their bogus doctrines and go mainstream, witnesses will say "what a progressive organization. Jehovah has blessed us so much. Rejoice!"

    I think you're right. Lots will do just that. But some won't--and eventually others will be bugged by it. I mean, if they really do make the changes needed, the organization will be barely recognizable, won't it? At the heart of their teaching is that the F&DS is only in association with the WTS--and that what they say goes. If they change that, then whoooaaa! What's left?

    If they make the blood policy a conscience matter, this is going to bug a lot of people--considering so many have died because they thought it wasn't. If they admit they were wrong about all the dates--even 1914--then their basis of authority is gone--poof.

    Love to see it, but can't actually picture it.

  • greendawn

    Perhaps the org is happy with having six or seven million slaves they settled for that and don't care about getting an increase otherwise they would change at least some of their extremist positions.

    Fortunately for them at present they have the third world countries to counterbalance the losses in the developped countries.

  • glitter

    Elder on Friday: "We've had so many fall away in <large city in which I live> it's enough for a whole other congregation."

  • fullofdoubtnow

    That's quite a lot, really. Let's hope it doubles or trebles next year.

  • Van Gogh
    Van Gogh

    Great comments here, especially observador and confession. I agree with you both.
    The "truth" is based on quicksand.
    That's a problem when you're caught lying.
    But whole continents can sink and dissolve in lava only to erupt at the other end as solid rock.
    The cycle is unending.
    There will always be a customer base for a cult.

    Van Gogh, of the "167.000 class""

  • Gozz

    Is someone able to expatiate on the original statement by the elder?

    Is this the number of people who dissociated themselves?

    Does this number include inactive people?

    Doe sit mean those publishers the Organisation isn't able to account for?

    160,000 is a big number, even if it's less than 3% of the total JW population.


  • blondie

    This is approximately the number of people I see in the difference between

    The number baptized that year

    The number increase between the average publishers last year and the average ones this year.

    I call them the missing in action.

    I have no idea if the brother meant only those who are inactive but also included da'd and df'd in that number. All of them have walked away in some sense.


  • serendipity

    I think this is how the 160K was determined:

    2004 average publishers: 6,308,341
    add those baptized: 247,631
    subtract the 2005 average publishers: 6,390,016

    That nets 165K approx. This is a rough count because there are deaths to consider. Also, at least some of those baptized were included in the 2004 publisher count.

  • ballistic
    That nets 165K approx. This is a rough count because there are deaths to consider. Also, at least some of those baptized were included in the 2004 publisher count.

    yes, we cannot asume publishers = baptised persons or even vica versa.

    Anyhow - I think 2014 will be the big turning point.

  • AuldSoul


    I think shutting down Quotes' Web site was the turning point. They are about be find themselves inundated with their own words.


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