Over 160,000 Simply Left The "Truth" Last Year

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  • wiegel

    I'm going with Jack Nicholson in "A Few Good Men" when he said "You can't handle the truth". They don't have the truth and they can't handle it if it's shown to them. To some who ask why I left, I have to tell them that I can't tell them, and that while I was still in, I couldn't talk to anyone about it. I HAVE however, been telling witness family and friends who will talk to me, that I DID NOT LEAVE because I'm gay, which has been a major "assumption" of many.

    My leaving had nothing to do with my being gay, but everything to do with finding out that it has all been a lie. I am still not d'fed although over the past few years I have told many that I no longer believe that it is God's organization. I think I still have some "spititual clout" due to a family member who is a prominent elder in my old cong. Don't think he will ever push to get me kicked out because he is under pressure from non-believing family to not upset the apple cart by shunning me and making family get-to-gethers (I hate that word) difficult.


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