Over 160,000 Simply Left The "Truth" Last Year

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  • anewme

    The FDS has dispensed with a whole new set of Sunday Talks designed to reach the heart BIG TIME!
    I heard the first of such talks on Sunday "Why Have a Healthy Fear of God"
    I did not ask my non JW husband to go because I did not think this talk would appeal to him.
    But I regret it now.
    It was MIGHTILY PERSUASIVE and definitely goes straight to the heart!


    (If the talks continue like this, believe me, they will have an effect and many will be encouraged to stay faithful)

  • metatron

    More mind numbing Sunday talks are not the answer. They need to change their whole detached, cold hearted, greedy attitude

    towards the friends. I'm encouraged by the endless spiral of cuts I see - the latest of which is the Awake magazine - as they demand

    more and more while giving the friends less and less. What next, bricks without straw?

    As I learned after my own daughter was molested - and they agreed with the elders who lied and covered it up, the Society is a business and

    not a brotherhood.


  • serendipity

    Hi anewme,

    I think that a lot of us on the fringe still believe in God and don't want to grieve HIM, but we have a real problem with the org, which is into control and is unloving. Until the leadership changes tactics, the outflow will continue.

  • mustang

    Yes, Met & VW-man!!!

    This brought to mind something that has been in the back of my thoughts for a while: Rehoboam vs. Jeroboam. I reread about them (from the old "Aid" book, page 1383, no less). Rehoboam was asked to remove repressive measures from the people; first he counseled with older and wise men who said this was good idea. But then he listened to his younger cronies who said the opposite. And he followed the advice of his younger friends. This split the nation of Israel.

    Between these parallels with kings and judges, it makes one wonder that Brooklyn doesn't pay more attention to the prophets. THAT IS A SWORD THAT CUTS BOTH WAYS!!!

    It's been 30 years since I went to meetings and longer since I held the WTS as being credible. But it doesn't take a prophet to see that Brooklyn is doing their damnedst to repeat history. With the level of arrogance that they have, they will never see it, just as Rehoboam didn't. And they will never see that they can lose the whole show, if they ever had it in the first place.

    So, that's fine; let the obvious play itself out. Do they need any more rope?


  • garybuss

    Re: Number crunching. Suppose all the people who are baptized every year, started being publishers a year or more before they were baptized . . . like I did? What would that do to the walkaway calculations?

  • fahrvegnugen

    Gary--I think you may be correct on this. The brother who gave the talk may have made the same assumption that many here made, without considering that a lot of those baptized were already being counted as publishers.

  • jgnat

    On the contrary, a convincing sermon is not enough any more. These days people want to see value in their involvement. If the organization is talk only, with no evidence of support, they are on their way out.



  • minimus

    If the Society used a different system to count who's a Witness, you mght see a sudden surge.

  • garybuss

    In one Yearbook, Knorr added up all those baptized, deducted for a (disfellowshipping and) death rate and came up with a number for all those inactive. That'd be more accurate than applying baptized numbers to the number of publishers in my opinion. Just my .02

  • Gill

    That 160,000 'just left' is great news, and then to add on top the number DF'd or D'Ad is even better.

    I'm sure there are western countries where some congregations 'appear' to be 'doing well' but the majority are NOT.

    Those of us who were JWs for 30 plus years remember when there were 20 + at a group study and everyone went to the Thursday and Sunday meetings but this is no longer the case in any congregations.

    We know, from our own experiences that the figures given by the Society are not accurate, simply for the fact that so many of us made up our time in FS. There is no way for the WTBTS to actually prove the figures that it claims either.

    It's simply a sham organization now, on the verge of falling apart and it's interesting to see it happening.

    From my parents, I hear how few attend meetings now and how their congregation has had to join with another.

    I'm looking forward to the next 20 years and knowing that the only people who still attend the KH are those who have not yet got their computers connected onto the internet.

    I'm looking forward to seeing my cousins children free from the Watchtower and hopefully some of my relatives will also have escaped.

    So...as I see it, it's only a matter of time till the Watchtower is completely exposed for the fraud that it is. Happy days!

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