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  • blondie

    Talk was in January in 2000; wasn't it in 2001 that they screwed up with the wording on the cards and did not distribute any.

    *** km 1/00 p. 2 Service Meeting Schedule/Week Starting January 10


    min: Making a Legal Choice for Nonblood Management of Health Care. (Acts 15:28, 29) Talk by a qualified elder, based on question-and-answer guide that accompanies the Society’s health-care durable power of attorney, or proxy, form and the sheet entitled "Information About the Society’s Health-Care Durable Power of Attorney (DPA) Forms," both dated January 1997. Following this meeting, baptized Witnesses may obtain a new Advance Medical Directive/Release card, and those with unbaptized minor children may receive an Identity Card for each child. These cards are not to be filled out tonight. They should be filled out carefully at home but NOT signed. Signing, witnessing, and dating of all cards will be done after the next Congregation Book Study, with assistance where necessary from the book study conductor. Before signing, be sure that the cards are filled out completely. Those signing as witnesses should actually see the cardholder sign the document. By adapting language from this card to their own circumstances and convictions, unbaptized publishers may write out their own directive to use for themselves and their children. The durable power of attorney, or proxy, form has been prepared by the Society and is a more comprehensive health-care document that provides primary legal protection. Witnesses who have not already filled out this form and who wish to do so can obtain a copy from the congregation secretary. (If a publisher has moved to another state, he would need to execute a new form in order for it to be effective in that state.) Additionally, if a durable power of attorney, or proxy, form has been executed, you should write on the front of the Advance Medical Directive/Release card, preferably in your own hand: "I have also executed a health-care power of attorney." Book study conductors should be sure that all assigned to their group have the assistance they desire to fill out the Advance Medical Directive/Release card and durable power of attorney, or proxy, form. For the best possible legal protection, both documents should be filled out.


    km 1/02 p. 2 Service Meeting Schedule/Week Starting January 14


    min: Benefiting From Kind Provisions. Talk by a qualified elder, based on the December 1, 2001, outline from the branch office. The congregation should have a sufficient quantity of the following items on hand for distribution: Advance Medical Directive/Release card, Identity Card, the health-care durable power of attorney (DPA) form, and the Advance Directive Guide. These documents will be made available to baptized publishers after tonight’s meeting, but they should NOT be filled out tonight. Signing, witnessing, and dating of cards will be done at the next Congregation Book Study, with assistance where necessary from the book study conductor. Those signing as witnesses should actually see the individual sign the document. The Advance Directive Guide should be carefully considered before completing the DPA. If you have already executed a DPA, it will not be necessary to complete another one unless your current one is dated prior to 2001 or does not express your present wishes. If a publisher has moved to another state, he should execute a new DPA form for that state. Unbaptized publishers may write out their own directive for themselves and their children by adapting language from these documents to their own circumstances and convictions.
  • TheListener

    Unless they have changed the cards, the instruction given last year were that our new DPA/AMD cards are good indefinitely (per my earlier post). They even gave us specific circumstances where a new DPA/AMD card would need to be filled out.

    If the society has changed the language perhaps they'll pass out new cards. But, until someone posts the January 2005 KM information and we see if there is a blood part planned we won't know. Or if there is some unscheduled blood part that will be presented - but then it would happen all the same week throughout the US. No one would have had the part yet.

    Hmmm. Very curious.

  • wednesday

    a few years ago I made a trip to the ER. While i was there I made sure they purged me from the bloodless program. and yes, the HLC can look at our medical records, the person who worked in that hospital had seen mine, she came in to give me advice last time I inpatient. (yes they give medical advice!!!) I was not too excited at that time, (its been 6-7 yrs) I was not there for a surgery, but I made sure later things wer changed. I too did not realize until she said she had looked at my records that the HLC coud do that. They can and do.

    This seems newsworthy to me. I wonder how you average person would feel if they knew this? just more ammo against the jws.

    If you are like me and there are several hospitals in your area, it would be wise to call and see if you are taged bloodless. However, due to new lawes , you will probably have to go in person. at any rate, if it is a hospital you think you might use for an ememrgency, I'd go in and have them check out your records, and make sure you are not tagged bloodless. Records can follow you from one hospital to another, esp in a small area. It might be against laws now, but it has been done in past. In my case , there are 5 hospitals in this immediate area. I have made sure 3 of them have cleared any reference to blood from my files. the other two i would not go to willingly, but an ambulance might take me there in an emergency, so i have to make sure itis clear too.

    one other thing, in our area if it is a gun shot or burn, , you are sent to Parkland,the county hospital . I wish we had a card that ways I am no longer a jws and will take blood if deemed necessary.

    wow lot of work to get out of bloodless program.



  • Truth.Seeker

    Personally, I don't see anything wrong with being tagged as a member of the bloodless program. What I have been reading in the newspapers and doing some research, for an upcoming surgery, is that the surgeons are more careful when cutting into you if they know that they can't rely on giving blood to help them out if they are not careful enough. I have spoken with several surgeons both in and out of the bloodless program and they, the ones in the program, seem to be more willing to be very meticulous in their surgeries. I can't say that they are but that they are going to be more precise where and how they cut makes me feel a bit better knowing that the surgeon is going to be more accurate with that scalpel. And I am not against blood transfusions; I’m just going to use it only after everything else has been tried. Religious issues aside, there are some inherent risks with blood transfusion that I consider and weigh. I just wanted to share my thoughts on not throwing a blanket over the whole bloodless program because it has brought out some very good surgeons.

    my 2 cents


  • heathen

    I think another issue that really chaps my a$$ is all the money the WTBTS is now spending to help hospitals comply with their stupid rule . People that give money for the preaching work are now seeing it spent buying alternative blood products . That's friggen extortion . I'd like to see the little box at the kingdub hall where it says , "money for blood alternative surgery ". Why do these people even bother going to the hospital ? Why they can just pray over people and make them better can't they ? Why not just bring the dying to the kingdub hall and have everybody pray over them ? After all being at the kingdub hall is the same as being in the kingdom of the heavens . The governing body are Gods spokesmen and have complete authority over every aspect of everybodies life .

  • cruzanheart

    Well, I had some fun un-witnessing this morning! I had to go to my pre-op (I'm having a hysterectomy tomorrow morning -- Merry Christmas to me, huh?) and I told the registration nurse all about the new JW Advance Directive. She was profoundly shocked and said "they shouldn't sign that!" I guarantee that news will be all over the hospital by nightfall. Meanwhile, I happily signed the box giving permission for a blood transfusion if needed.


  • Narkissos

    No scan of the new card yet?


    Sorry to hear that. Best wishes to you and greetings to all the family. Keep us updated, OK?

  • reaper

    The very last meeting that my wife and I attended in June 2001, we were asked to sign our Publisher Record cards. We had not been to a meeting for a few weeks, and that is the first thing they asked us to do. I was shocked and disjusted that they wanted me to do that, so I asked WHY? The Elder said it was because of the DATA PROTECTION ACT.

    In the UK at the moment, the Government are trying to push a law through that is supposed to be against Religious Hatred. supposedly to legislate against ranting Mullah's who preach hatred.

    However as we are now Born Again Christians, we have been informed that it would totally curtail any Religious Group from saying that ALL other religions are false and only their way is TRUE. As Christians we are concerned that the Muslims will use the law to attack Christians who preach that Jesus is the only way the truth and the life, and every other way is false.

    I believe that the WT will come under that law if it goes through, and as they preach HATRED for ALL other religions, this blood card could be a 'test' to see if the minnions will sign their rights away. If it works over blood, they could also get ALL the publishers to sign a form that they totally accept that they accept the WT as the sole dispensers of truth.

    They may then moderate their nasty attacks on other religions in printed format, so that they do not appear to be flouting the law.

  • DannyHaszard

    Year 2000 where was i when this came out? Jehovah's Witnesses drop transfusion ban Surgery
    Transfusions will no longer lead to expulsion By the BBC's Religious Affairs Correspondent Jane Little

    Leaders of the Jehovah's Witnesses movement have revoked a strict ruling that their members automatically face ex-communication if they accept blood transfusions.

  • Atlantis

    Communiqué issued by the Secretary
    to the European Commission of Human Rights
    on the 276th Session of the
    European Commission of Human Rights
    (Strasbourg, Monday 2 March - Friday 13 March 1998)

    The 276th Session of the European Commission of Human Rights (Council of Europe) was held at the Human Rights Building in Strasbourg from 2 to 13 March 1998. At the close of the session the Secretary gave the following information on matters dealt with in the Commission:
    The Commission dealt with 715 applications under Article 25 of the Convention and also examined one application under Article 24 of the Convention. Among the applications examined by the Commission were the following: ...
    ...II. Reports adopted
    (i) Reports adopted under Article 28 para. 2 of the Convention (friendly settlement)
    (a) One Report was adopted by the plenary Commission under Article 28 para. 2 of the Convention, concluding that a friendly settlement had been secured:
    The case concerned the refusal to re-register the applicant association pursuant to a 1994 law, and the alleged suppression of its activities and those of its members. In settlement, the Government agreed to introduce legislation as soon as possible to provide for civilian service for conscientious objectors, as an alternative to military service, and to register the applicant association as a religion. The applicant undertook with regard to its stance on blood transfusions to draft a statement for inclusion in its statute providing that members should have free choice in the matter for themselves and their children, without any control or sanction on the part of the association. [emphasis added]

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