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  • MegaDude

    A few weeks ago I took the deposition of a medical doctor who has frequent JW patients as he is doing a trial on a medication that stops bleeding. I asked him about JWs and he said they always make a big deal out of refusing ANY blood product, permissible or not by the Watchtower. But when you get them in private, many of the accept them. I asked him what the ratio was of JWs who changed their minds and he said "Over 50 percent."

  • SPAZnik

    Jeanniebeanz wrote: Why don't they just print, "I acknowledge that I have no rights as a human being in the eyes of this cult, and since I have absolutely no brain, I am turning my body, mind and soul over to these vultures to do with as they see fit."


  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    I'm really short of time tonight, but will scan it in,

    Please don't forget I would love to see it!

    D Dog

  • Rabbit

    Imagine your private medical records in the hands of the "Hospital Liaison Committee" elders !

    Normally you can give permission for p a r t i c u l a r people to make decisions and to be privy to your treatments. This sentence leaves your privacy WIDE-OPEN to how many elders ? Right! It doesn't say, does it ? ANY one with an HLC 'badge' and a corncob up their arse could possibly peruse ALL of your secrets that YOU thought were between you and your Doc.

    And you know...if those Elders know...their wives probably will, too. Then, it could 'make it's way thru the circuit' thru the gossipy aisles.

    For instance:

    Do you smoke ? My JW daughter does and she's trying to stop. Want some 'Help?' from the elders ?

    Do you have depression ? Want some 'elder' & 'circuit' help with with the details to that ?

    Are you gay ? Need some JW advice ?

    Ever had a youthful 'indiscretion' ?(for gumby)

    Ever drink too much ?

    Ever had a blood transfusion ?

    I wonder if you'd get disfellowshipped (if they found out) for having an organ transplant -- back when JW's couldn't ? Now, it's A-OK !

    Can you...imagine them violating your privacy, then spreading it to...anyone they want to ? Verbally, of course. No nasty 'paper trails.'

    Are you willing to BET your life ? Not only on your privacy, but, on whether you 'live or die' ???

    When my Mom died over the blood issue, it was too late for her to change her mind. She was either unconscious or had a ventilator breathing for her, so she could not speak for her self anymore. She looked scared of dying every minute she was awake. I believe she would have changed her mind. Even tho' a JW COULD have taken hemoglobin (a fraction) the HLC Elders (who had NEVER EVER met her!) decided, along with my JW siblings -- that she "would have wanted NO blood products of any kind". She didn't understand all the 'changes' the WT had made...she just 'trusted' them.

    She bet her life on the Elders...they took that bet...and killed her !

    Do YOU wanna bet ?


  • Celia

    Jeanniebeanz, I loved your response :

    Why don't they just print, "I acknowledge that I have no rights as a human being in the eyes of this cult, and since I have absolutely no brain, I am turning my body, mind and soul over to these vultures to do with as they see fit."

    But, seriously, would the Liaison Committee be allowed to view personal medical reports ? I mean, would the hospital staff give it to them ?

  • geevee


    But under the new policy the HLC will KNOW when they cave. UGH! This organization has to be stopped. "We're not policemen." Truer words were never spoken. Policemen have to have at least SOME reason to snoop. They are KGB, CIA, or Gestapo, but without the training."

  • garybuss

    If they give medical advise for medical reasons . . . Isn't that practicing medicine?

  • heathen

    As forest gump would say ," stupid is as stupid does " . Anybody that signs something like that deserves to die from stupidity .

  • TheListener

    Instructions for Blood card from December 2004 KM (United States):

    "New Provision to Assist Us to Abstain From Blood" (I typed in first two paragraphs only) - someone with a scanner can do a better job

    "The Governing Body has approved combining the essential elements of the durable power of attorney (DPA) document and the Advance Medical Directive/Release card into a single legal document, which we shall refer to generally as a DPA card. A DPA card has been prepared for each state. The actual title of the DPA card varies from state to state.

    You will need to fill out the DPA card for your state of residence only. The DPA card is valid indefinitely anywhere in the United States and will serve as a statement of your wishes when you travel internationally. In the future, you should fill out a new DPA card if (1) you need to make any changes to your DPA card, such as changing your wishes, health-care agents, addresses, and telephone numbers, or (2) your DPA card has been lost or destroyed."

    From what I remember of the talks given the week of December 27, 2004 we are not going to be receiving new cards every year. It's much more of a ask if you need a new one type of thing. Maybe I'm wrong and they changed the wording because I didn't see anything on the card about the HLC seeing private medical records. If they change the wording perhaps they are issuing new cards. But, there is no part for it at this week's meeting (this week is dedicated to under 18 identity cards). I haven't seen the January KM yet, but from what I've heard so far it discusses the new book "what does the bible really teach" not the blood issue.

    Perhaps someone with the January KM can let us know if it has any talks assigned to the blood issue. Perhaps this is an unplanned thing on Crooklyn's part.

  • GoingGoingGone

    I found a blood card in my husband's meeting bag... it's different than the one I had but the last one I had was 4 years ago. On the very bottom there are the identifying letters md-E then 3/99 then Printed in USA...... Does anyone know if the numbers are a date? Or is this just part of the ID name of the form?

    I'll print the text here if this is current, but hubby's going to be home soon... Could this be the current US blood card?


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