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  • Jourles
    I had my meeting Tuesday night and the thing that disturbed me the most was the fact that you need to photocopy your blood card and give copies to the people who witnessed your signature (elders no doubt!)

    It seems that the WTS has finally figured out how to get around the on-the-fence witness. Instead of having the jw's sign their cards, go home, and leave it in their hands, the WTS has now wiggled their way around a publisher from going home and destroying their card once it has been signed. This way, if the elders get wind of a witness entering a hospital, they can show up with their own signed and dated copy showing the hospital that the jw does not want blood. This is for those situations where the witness might *accidentally* forget their original signed card. (you figure it out --- on-the-fence witness accidentally forgetting to bring their blood card; it seems that the WTS is beginning to cover all their bases now)

  • Gill

    Their arrogance is really breath taking.

    Do you really want a window wiper, toilet cleaner and second hand car sales man reading your medical notes?!!!!!

    The only purpose of access to medical notes is if a person is medically qualified to give medical assistance. I think back to the ass holes in our old congregations who used to be on the HLC and the very thought horrifies me beyond belief.

    Let me know when someone decides to sue their asses!

    The ordinary JW is really in the shit up the eyeballs with this if he doesn't want to sign it. And having to photo copy it and give a copy to each elder that witnesses it!!! They're trapped, like sitting ducks. It's really a case of damned if they do sign and damned if they don't.

    I would really like to warn my parents not to sign this card....what the hell, may be I will warn them...but I think they're far too brainwashed now to understand the relevance of this.

    Just Too sad really.

    What makes me smile though, if thinking of some of the cleverer elders and what they might be thinking. Do I really want brother toilet cleaner reading my medical notes!! I!!!!?

  • AlmostAtheist
    In the future they will probably require everyone to make LOYALTY OATHS to The Watchtower!

    Was this sarcasm? The second question they ask new baptizees is a loyalty oath to the Watchtower, isn't it?


  • TheListener

    Giving a copy of your card to the individuals who witnessed your signature and giving a copy of your card for the congregation's files is optional. I've never seen it discussed as something you had to do. Just that it's a good idea to make sure your doubly covered.

    A good friend of mine had his School and Service Meeting last night and no blood cards were distributed. They did discuss the minors and their identity cards, but no new minor identity cards were passed out. If you need a new one you were told to ask the congregation secretary for it.

    Can someone post info. from the January KM and let us know if there is any blood info. contained in it.

  • Jourles

    Doesn't the USA normally hand out new cards in January?

  • Axelspeed

    If this is true that the request is that they can view a patient's notes and medical records, and then that photocopies be made and given to those that sign, I would be very interested in the rate of compliance.

    Obviously, there is a lot of delusion at work here.

    Delusion and arrogance on the part of the WT in even making this request.

    Delusion on the part of those who sign that their medical record will not get out...and into the gossip mill. (How far can they go into your records? Will they find out about those depression meds, those erectile dysfuntion meds, treatment for something that you could be df'd for...take your pick)

    Delusion on the part of the elders involved, that they won't eventually be on the receiving end of a lawsuit.

    I really do not understand the reasoning behind this, other than to say that perhaps there are competing forces at work in WT-land, some of who are attempting to exert more of an influence.

    For those who sign without question, I would have one message: Stay. There is obviously a need you have, deeper than even this issue, that is being met.


  • Jourles

    So where's this card at?? Let's see it!

  • blondie

    Last year (and in the last few years, this talk has been in the last week of December)

    *** km 12/04 p. 2 Service Meeting Schedule/Week Starting December 27


    min: Obeying God’s Command to Abstain From Blood. Talk by an elder, using manuscript supplied by the branch office. Mention at outset that DPA cards are not to be filled out tonight. While reading the manuscript, the speaker may add brief comments to emphasize key points but should not supplement the material with additional examples or scriptures. Cited scriptures may be read or quoted as time permits. At appropriate points, draw attention to statements in the box "New Provision to Assist Us to Abstain From Blood." The secretary should provide all baptized publishers with a DPA card and the "Instructions for Filling Out the DPA Card" to enable them to follow along during the part. The secretary should also make sure that a sufficient quantity of Identity Cards are available.

    *** km 12/04 p. 7 New Provision to Assist Us to Abstain From Blood ***

    The Governing Body has approved combining the essential elements of the durable power of attorney (DPA) document and the Advance Medical Directive/Release card into a single legal document, which we shall refer to generally as a DPA card. A DPA card has been prepared for each state. The actual title of the DPA card varies from state to state.

    You will need to fill out the DPA card for your state of residence only. The DPA card is valid indefinitely anywhere in the United States and will serve as a statement of your wishes when you travel internationally. In the future, you should fill out a new DPA card if (1) you need to make any changes to your DPA card, such as changing your wishes, health-care agents, addresses, and telephone numbers, or (2) your DPA card has been lost or destroyed.

    The DPA card should be prayerfully considered and carefully filled out at home. However, before signing the card, it is important that the legal formalities be closely followed. For example, if your card says that two witnesses are required to see you sign, they should be present when you sign it. Book study overseers may periodically check with those who have not filled out new cards to see if assistance is needed.

    Before folding the DPA card, make good-quality photocopies for your health-care agent, alternate health-care agent, and doctor as well as for your own records. You may also want to provide copies for other family members and the congregation secretary. Copies should be single-sided on standard-size (8 1/2" x 11") paper, with the DPA card centered on the page. The original DPA card, not a photocopy, should be kept on your person.

    The Identity Card with the print date of 3/99 for unbaptized children of Witness parents has not changed. Parents should ensure that a card for each minor child is properly filled out and signed and that the child carries it at appropriate times.

    Unbaptized publishers may adapt the language of the DPA card and Identity Card in order to write out health-care instructions for themselves and their children. The secretary should provide a DPA card for all newly baptized publishers during the year.

    IN 2003

    *** km 12/03 p. 2 Service Meeting Schedule/Week Starting December 29


    min: "A Video That Highlights an Important Medical Trend." To be handled by a qualified elder. Read Acts 15:28, 29, and briefly emphasize that the principal reason why Christians refuse blood transfusions is to honor God’s law on the sanctity of blood. Then get right into a discussion of the Patient Needs and Rights video, using the questions that are provided in the article. Conclude by reading the last paragraph.


    min: Facing Medical Challenges Confidently. Talk by qualified elder, using outline supplied by the branch office. Review key points from the box "Provisions to Help Us Abstain From Blood."


    km 12/03 p. 7 Provisions to Help Us Abstain From Blood

    Baptized publishers who have previously completed an Advance Medical Directive/Release card or Identity Card with no print date or a 3/99 print date will not need to complete a new one this year. For the Service Meeting the week of December 29, the secretary should have available sufficient quantities of the cards for newly baptized publishers, their children, and those needing replacements. Congregations will not be sent a consignment of these items. If the congregation does not have enough cards on hand, the secretary may check with nearby congregations or request more cards with the congregation’s next literature request.

    The cards should be carefully filled out at home but NOT signed. At the next Congregation Book Study, the cards should be signed, witnessed, and dated, with assistance as needed from the book study overseer. Witnesses should actually see the cardholder sign the card.

    Publishers will not need to execute a new health-care durable power of attorney (DPA) form unless (1) their current one is dated prior to 1/2001 (12/2002 for Alabama; 8/2001 for North Dakota), (2) it does not reflect their current wishes, or (3) they have moved to another state. The secretary should also have sufficient quantities of the DPA form and the Advance Directive Guide.

    Unbaptized publishers may write out directives for themselves and their children by adapting language from the Advance Medical Directive/Release card, Identity Card, and DPA form.

  • Jourles

    I could have sworn that the cards were usually given out in January(mid-jan??).

  • sir82
    I could have sworn that the cards were usually given out in January(mid-jan??).

    That's the way it used to work until about 3 or 4 years ago. Then they switched to a "fill out the card once, and it will last indefinitely" stance.

    Then they changed the card entirely last December. It is no longer an "Advance Medical Directive", but a full-blown "durable power of attorney", with notarized signatures & all. But it still a "fill it out once, and it lasts indefinitely" stance.

    Although with the change to the British card, I am wondering if another change is in store for the US soon.

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