Brand New Blood Card

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  • AuldSoul
    I'd think the power of attorney would have greater clout.

    If you have full PA you can order care as though you are the patient. I would think medical staff would feel funny about letting them see her records anyway, VM44, so they may side with you initially and let the courts sort it out later if need be.


  • AuldSoul


    It is attorneys who should see the card. One should be available to send them too. If they have truly removed the religious basis from the card this is the best possible outcome for the success of this new theory. The only way to stop people from dying as a result of this organization is to stop the organization.


  • deeskis

    I'm a Registered Nurse, and my husband is a General Practitioner. I haven't worked in the hospital system for 17 years, but do work in the GP medical centre.

    In Australia the patient notes are the property of the doctor, (or hospital). They are not the patients property. If a patient wants access to the notes they have to ask (nicely!!) permission. Even then sometimes they may have to apply under freedom of information act for copies of these records. So I don't see this new card happening in OZ.

    Wonder what the go is elsewhere??


  • Atlantis


    It is attorneys who should see the card.

    So we need to get a copy out to as many attorney's as we can, right AuldSoul?

  • atypical

    This is ridiculous. I wonder how those with active jw mates like myself should handle this. I obviously can't force my wife not to sign it, but I will definitely do my best to get her to think about what she is signing. Thankfully, she works in the medical profession, so hopefully this will raise a red flag in her mind.

    Also, do you think the elders will try to use this as ammunition towards the many of us who are inactive but not df'd? You know, they might start coming around, testing us by trying to give us the new card and seeing if we are willing to sign it.

  • hubert
    In the future they will probably require everyone to make LOYALTY OATHS to The Watchtower!

    Like Hitler did with the SS.


  • AuldSoul

    Yes. Of the new card along with the paper, if possible. For this to be tested attorneys have to be aware of it. We are the ones with the best chance of reaching attorneys with this information in a way that will make them see the potential for money.

    Keep in mind, it is the plea for NARROW FOCUS that would exclude religious doctrine from the argumentation.


  • orangefatcat

    good point hubert. that is exactly how I feel, that the wts thinks they are little dictators who have nothing better to do than interfere more and more into peoples private lives.

    my son said his father brought him a card from the kingdom hall my son took it just to make his father feel good. he says the card is ridiculous like everything else the society tries to dictate.

    I think there is no more personal information than that of medical records. how dare they think they should have access to these personal reports.

    i hate the wts but now i hate it even more. they are bastards pure and simple.

    had my say and now I will go onto something less annoying. they can churn a storm in a persons mind.


  • cheezy
    doctors say that 50% of JWs will secretly accept blood products while putting on a "No Blood!" show for any JWs who may be present.

    I work at a medical reseach facility and was chatting with one of the nurses about the blood issue and JWs. She quite matter of factly said "Oh, a lot of the JWs cave." I know this is not news to most of you, but it struck me as sad - how the JWs are put in such a horrible, untenable situation.

  • AuldSoul

    But under the new policy the HLC will KNOW when they cave. UGH! This organization has to be stopped. "We're not policemen." Truer words were never spoken. Policemen have to have at least SOME reason to snoop. They are KGB, CIA, or Gestapo, but without the training.


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