Brand New Blood Card

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  • blondie

    Any card in the US if different will be due to differences in legal requirements not "scriptural" requirements.

  • codeblue

    Anybody know if the US blood card changed? If so, can you scan it so we can all see it?

  • Elsewhere
    has the line on it about giving permission to the hospital liason committee to see your notes and medical records..

    Wow... that is scary. For some time now I've taken comfort in the fact that doctors say that 50% of JWs will secretly accept blood products while putting on a "No Blood!" show for any JWs who may be present.

  • AuldSoul

    Urk! Good catch, Blondie!

    Okay, let's Australian card, a card from the UK, from the US, from Canada, and from anyhere else someone would like to contribute one from.

    Post the pic here and I will move to a hosting site.


  • cruzanheart

    Hey, Blondie, I see you got home alright! I'll bet the U.S. version has the same language due to HIPPA laws. The last time Jackson was in the hospital (our 9-year-old), they gave me a 4-digit passcode to use to check on him. I could give that code to anyone who had permission to find out how he was, and if someone didn't have that code -- even a family member -- the hospital wouldn't release any information on his condition.

    What arrogance to demand that right!


  • Finally-Free

    So, I wonder which would take precedence - the blood card or the Power of Attorney for personal care that I hold for my mom. The PA says nothing about blood, only that all decisions for personal care are up to me if she cannot speak for herself. Any ideas?


  • jgnat

    I'd think the power of attorney would have greater clout.

  • VM44

    "And has the line on it about giving permission to the hospital liason committee to see your notes and medical records"

    Oh Great, Now they want a bunch of janitors, electricians, and accountants to have access to your medical records!

    There is nothing wrong with those professions, but they certainly do NOT need access to an individual's medical records!

    Ask yourself, do they want access to the records so that they can HELP the individual?

    The answer is NO!

    I suppose that KM notice will go out that each bookstudy oveerseer will have to personally witness the signing of each card!

    The Watchtower has gone too far with this! Another example of the TOTAL CONTROL they want to maintain over the members.


  • Atlantis

    Perhaps some of the chaps here could send a scan of that card to these people!


  • VM44

    What next will The Watchtower require from its members?

    In the future they will probably require everyone to make LOYALTY OATHS to The Watchtower!


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