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  • sweet tee
    sweet tee

    That's what I'm hoping aposta kate ... that those who've left that were damaged by this policy will take the Watchtower to court.Those on the board that are saying the dubs won't sue, this is not only about those that are still in but those of us who've opened our eyes and seen the organization for what it really is and want them to account for the damage their teachings and practices have caused. It's also about the non-believing family members who've lost loved ones as a result of this f'd up blood doctrie (so-called).

    sweet tee

  • Check_Your_Premises
    the use of such statistics is completely irresponsible and detracts from a good message about reform on the issue.

    True, we don't have any such statistics. As a result, any attempt to come up with such statistics are speculation.

    One really neat way for such info to become publicly known fact is for someone to sue the WT over their bogus blood policy.

    I can't say if such a thing is feasible from a legal standpoint, and only time and events will tell.

    It sure would be neat to have that info made public.

    Why not make it public without the trial WT? Jesus said in John 3 that those who do good seek the light so their goodness can be seen, and only those who do evil seek the darkness. If you believe it WT, tell us how many brave JW have been willing to lay down their life.


  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    By your model, each one of us here should know a Witness personally who has died from refusing blood. That is obviously not the case.

    Are you representing the WT? It is simple math!

    "Did you know that more than 95% of Americans reaching age 72 will need blood or a blood product at some point in their lifetime?"

    D Dog

  • under74

    I could care less about statistics. What I know is one of my cousins died at the age of 4 because her parents refused blood. I also know of 3 other people that died from our congregation that died because they wouldn't take blood. Both of my sisters nearly died as well, my older sister got in a car accident when she was 18 and needed her spleen removed, as well as a number of other things fixed. Luckily for her the doctors were able to get it all done without blood. But she still lost a lot of blood.

    My younger sister had an accident when she was 5. My mom said she was going to refuse blood...all I remember is walking down the hallway and seeing the doctor (our pediatrician) livid with my mom. I didn't understand what he was saying (he was from Pakistan and had a thick accent) and he was mad. The end result was my sister got the transfusion because our doctor wasn't going to take no for an answer and...but also because my mom at the time wasn't as deep in the religion as she got later. She blamed him later for making her break the rule...but after she left the JWs she realized he saved my sister's life and wrote him a long letter thanking him for it.

  • Scully


    I personally knew two children of JWs who died due to their parents refusal to permit them to have blood transfusions. One was 5 years old, the other was 10 years old. Neither of these children were given a choice in the matter, neither of them could have been considered "mature minors" with the ability to make rational medical decisions in their own best interests. The 5 year old was abducted from the hospital while the doctors were trying to secure a court order.

    As for close calls: Both my mother and I came very close to dying - my mom haemorrhaged after a miscarriage at 5 months gestation; I haemorrhaged following the birth of one of my children. My haemoglobin level went from 14 (healthy normal) to 4 (critical). A normal female usually has about 5 litres of blood in circulation; to experience a drop of that magnitude meant that I lost at least 2½ litres of blood. Blood transfusion is considered only when haemoglobin levels fall below 7. I distinctly remember regaining consciousness in the recovery room and having the nurse scolding me for being so "stupid" and "foolish" and how "lucky" I was to still be alive. She told me that she had never seen so much blood loss in one delivery and not have the patient die. I was unconscious for 6 hours and unstable for another 6 hours. I didn't get to hold my child until he was 24 hours old. Because of the severity of the blood loss and resulting anaemia, my body didn't produce milk, so breastfeeding was unsuccessful. I ended up with postpartum depression because I felt robbed of a normal childbirth experience and bonding with my baby. All of that could have been avoided if there was not the pressure from the Society to refuse blood transfusions.

    Try this experiment: Get 2 quarts of red liquid and pour it out on the ground. That's approximately how much blood I lost in childbirth. Do it in your back yard, because if you do it on the street, the police will be there looking for a crime scene. What happened to me, to my mother, and the multitude of JW women who survive postpartum haemorrhages is a CRIME; even moreso for those who end up martyrs due to misinformation about blood transfusions that they believe to be The Truthâ„¢.

  • Kenneson

    My cousin's wife died from refusing a blood transfusion in 1958. So, yes, I do know someone personally who died from the blood ban.

  • avishai
    your (the New Light on Blood's) statistical model is complete nonsense. Unfortunately it doesn't match with common sense and experience. By your model, each one of us here should know a Witness personally who has died from refusing blood. That is obviously not the case. Take a poll and you will find that only a handful have personal experience of knowing someone or having a relation die from refusing blood.

    I say above that it doesn't match with common sense because even Jehovah's Witnesses would refuse to obey the blood doctrine if they were losing that many members a year. Because many of those personally touched by such a tragedy recognize the error in the doctrine a loss of a thousand or more a year would have such a massive fall-out in membership that it would be immediately obvious.

    Oh really? My model has around one percent of one percent of jw's dying per year So how does that not match common sense?

    Also, when have the JW's had anything to do with common sense?

    PS, didja end up going to the District Convention last year, Eduardo?

  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    Edwardo this little unofficial poll has given you an idea of what we as JWs have experienced. The more that respond will have the SAME stories because this is our life.

    If you care about right from wrong, goodness and evil, you will get on board with what we are trying to do. Be a part of the solution instead of a mouthpiece for the problem.

  • Rabbit


    You are a very confused person for a supposedly "Ex" JW. As a matter of fact, you seem to be part of the problem and actually resist any efforts to try and help. If you as a lawyer and supposedly Ex-JW have a 'better mouse trap', please...I'd love to hear it.

    But, like most lawyers I know*, you seem to 'get off' -- by just arguing with any nonsense they have available. There's nothing wrong with a 'critical eye' or 'constructive critism'. From what I've seen, you are still on the wrong side of this issue.

    *There are many good, sensible, helpful & honest lawyers around. None of them were harmed in this post.

    POLL: Do you know of any JW's who died because of the blood issue ?

    My mother died.

    1 adult died (a lady giving birth)

    1 baby boy died (about 2yearsold)

    Total JW's I knew that died slaughtered as sacrificial lambs to the Governing Body : 3


  • jeanniebeanz


    A poll would be a sobering topic as it's own thread.


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