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    Enigma One

    BTTT since I can't let Jeannie beat me.

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    Apostate Kate

    My mother; nearly died when her blood count dipped to below 6. It took her several years to recover causing great suffering to her and myself as she could no longer support herself or me. I was a child.

    I myself was willing to die and have the medical proof in records in my possesion. Thankfully my three children did not lose thier mother.

    My friend; lost her three month old baby that died needing a blood transfusion. The elders were there to support her to let her baby die and fight legal intervention. After the baby died the elders were nowhere to be found to offer comfort. She started smoking from the grief and was swiftly disfellowshipped.

    My friend an elders wife who made the cover of "Awake", waited to have children until after Armageddon hit in 1975. She waited past her prime child bearing years and was martyed for nearly losing her life giving birth due to blood loss.

    These are merely the ones closest to me.

    Close friend related this sad story; at a ex JW conference the speaker was going over the misrepresented biblical stand on blood issue when from the audience a deep groan started, followed by unconsolable sobbing. It was a man's breakdown realizing that he denied his wife (who was not even a baptised JW) life saving blood and she died.

    I don't know what your experience has been Mr esq..but deaths due to the denial of lifesaving blood has been a part of my life as a JW from childhood. We were lied to about what biblical doctrine really said, and we were lied to as to the dangers of blood. Respectfully~Kate bas.

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    Your post was very touching. Thank you for sharing that with us.

    Personally, I refused blood at the birth of my second child, and came very close to death. My blood count plummetted and there was so little hope that the nurses walked away from the table in frustration while my surgeon struggled to stitch tear after tear and stop the bleeding. Meanwhile, he was also reading packets being brought to him to say which they could use to keep fluid in my veins and what they could not.

    Elders were there as well, mainly for the purpose of arguing with my surgeon over which packets to use and which he could not. I lost consciousness several times. My heroic, frustrated surgeon saved my life that evening and when it was all 'over' he sat by my bedside holding my hand and cried. He had never lost a mother in childbirth before and I came the closest. The 'brothers' were nowhere to be seen after the 'drama' had past. Neither was my 'darling witness husband'. He was too tired to stay since he had been there with me for the past six hours. Well excuse me for having almost died delivering your 'breach' child Mr. Witnoid, during a 36 hour labor.

    When I think back that I almost left two children orphans over this doctrine which is clearly suspect, not only from the secular viewpoint but also the scriptural, it is sickening.

    The blood policy kills people, it was responsible for two deaths that I am personally aware of, and almost my own death.


  • Quandary

    Approximately 5 years ago a JW mother in my congregation died at age 38 while giving birth to her 2nd child because of complications arising out of volumous blood loss. She would have been saved with a transfusion. She left her 3 yr old and newborn without their mother because of an erroneous interpretation of scripture by the FDS. Approximately 11 years ago, a JW in one of my former congregations died at the age of 14. He was born with hemophilia, he died because his parents adhered to the erroneous interpretation of scripture by the FDS.

    God bless Barbara Anderson!


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    Apostate Kate

    I'm so glad you made it. Talk about the definition of a pharisee. The elders do everything to make sure a JW dies instead of taking life saving blood. Then when those suffering from it all need support they are gone.

    What I asked JWs now is this; If the blood of the Son of God was worthy to be used to save the whole world. Why is mans blood so much more Holy that it is too Holy to be used to save just one life? Also transferring something is not eating it. Eating is where you take something into the stomache as nutrition, only to POOP it out as waste. Transfereing is not eating.

    God desires mercy not sacrifice. I tried to add a pretty butterfly by your name and had so many problems!

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    sweet tee

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( kate ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) ((((((((((((((((((((((((((( jb))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    I'll bet every dub knows 3 or 4 people who've died or nearly died as a result of not accepting blood. That's a LOT of people! And the faithful STILL adhere to it anyhow. And why? FEAR, fear of eternal death. And what loving elders to stand by and make absolutely sure you don't get anything Jehovah the GB says you can't have.

    I have to add another sister to my list of four - Sister in her late thirties with 6 children died after she was diagnosed with some type of cancer. She was given massive doses of chemo, went into some sort of shock, refused blood and died ... shit, then there was another sister, mid fifties, 5-6 children mostly grown, I forget what was wrong with her but she took ill, stood fast and died in the hospital. Both sisters were irregular/innactive. But you'd better believe the elders never left their bedside! Now - that's 6 people I know personally who died as a result of those control freaks, self-appointed gods in Brooklyn and their cohorts in the congregations.

    I hope there is a class action suit and that it rips the Watchtower Corporation a whole new A** H**E.

    Yes - Thank you Barbara Anderson. Thank you so much for your efforts to help release people from bondage to that horrible organiziation and its horrendous policies.

    sweet tee

  • Leolaia

    Here's another one to add to the list. Just today, Tibor R. Machan, a professor of philosophy, wrote the following in a political column:

    "Jehovah Witnesses are often very nice people, certainly well mannered and often dressed spiffily. But their idea on the merits of blood transfusions is really, really perverse, like the ideas of Christian Scientists on seeking the help of physicians when one’s body is ailing. I am sorry but this is just so. Sure, so long as it pertains to them and they aren’t forcing their views on anyone else, I can live with both, although when either of them inflicts these views on their own children, I get very worried. Children are dependents, not yet of age so as to figure out what’s best, and when they are subjected to parents’ peculiar religious or any other sort of notions, especially ones that can kill them, it’s time to call in the trial lawyers, I say. They are injuring, even killing kids, with ideas the kids never had a chance to consider and decide about."

    Now, I don't agree with his broader political points about oil, but this guy should definitely hear about the JC&S article!

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    Apostate Kate

    Great research Leolaia!

  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    Sweet tee those that died who we know is just the very tip on one dam cold iceberg of death. All we need is one judge to open his eyes and find the Watchtower guilty. Then the door will be open for more, then more, then more, then more.............Imagine if the only help JWs had to do the door to door preaching work was a mainstream BIBLE!

    Future headlines; Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Closes Doors on Printing Press.

    All equipment to be sold at the largest auction in State history.

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