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  • Mysterious

    You need to factor in that most (active, in good standing, non-double lifer) JWs do not smoke, drink excessively, or take drugs. Which would all contribute to needing medical attention. Many also avoid dangerous forms of recreation and are counselled against speeding or other forms of breaking the law. (though arguably there are quite a few lead foots around here). People with faith and tight bonds of community also tend to be more plucky in recovering from surgery. So unfortunately statistics that are oversimplified seem to fall a bit short. =(

  • Odrade

    Oro, I personally lost 3 friends to the blood issue. I was acquainted with several others who died due to refusal of blood treatments. I also know a couple of people who suffered consequences because they refused vaccinations, based on the societies stance on vaccinations, AND because they might have contained blood fractions.

    So MY experience doesn't match the statistical model, does that make YOUR assertions "complete nonsense?"

  • avishai

    1000 out of 8 MILLION is 0.0125%!!!!!

    Is it that inconcievable to believe that THAT many people out of that amt. would die without a blood transfusion every year? Even WITH better health practices, being sports wusses etc. that percentage does'nt even cover diseases that would die w/out Blood, much less car wrecks, elective surgery, etc.


  • MidwichCuckoo

    Good Morning Avishai. On 14th July 2002, Panorama (UK programme) broadcast ''Suffer The Little Children'' which dealt with paedophilia within the Organisation (sadly I missed it). JW members were warned in advance not to watch it. Panorama, I believe, is a much 'respected' programme.

    A snippet from their website -

    Contact us by e-mail:
    If you wish to send a programme suggestion or general correspondence to the Panorama team then contact us at: [email protected]

    Contact us by phone:Our telephone number is: 020 8752 7017

    Contact us by post:Our address is:
    BBC Panorama
    Room 1118,
    201 Wood Lane
    W12 7TS

  • avishai

    THanks, midwich. I believe you can still catch the panorama program HERE!! and here The links to the rest of the programs are here

  • Mysterious

    Oh god I remember warnings not to watch those programs. I remember the glares from my mother when my father would go watch such things in the spare room. I also remember often not even knowing what they were about just that they were not to be watched because they were apostate.

    There was some program once that started off talking to JW kids about why they don't celebrate holidays, sing the anthem, etc. And we were watching it until they started talking to ex-members. Dum dum dum. And then we had a big pray in for forgiveness and it went off. I still would like to know what that was all about but I have such vague memories.

    Although more back on topic perhaps. Avishai you've been fairly vocal on this issue but as you've said it yourself it's hard to win against a large corporation. How do you see a successful suing campaign being carried out in the end? Or do you think they will try for out of court settlements without admission of guilt in an attempt to brush it all under the rug?

  • Blueblades

    Has anyone read "Blood on The Altar " by David Reed. If so, what are your thoughts. He puts the blood doctrine teaching and it's effect on people all together in his book.


  • carla

    Any example letters to send? And more outlets to send such as 20/20, 60 minutes, Dateline, etc...?

  • sweet tee
    sweet tee

    Unfortunately it doesn't match with common sense and experience. By your model, each one of us here should know a Witness personally who has died from refusing blood. That is obviously not the case. Take a poll and you will find that only a handful have personal experience of knowing someone or having a relation die from refusing blood.

    I'll take you up on your poll suggestion Osiris. I know of four witnesses who died as a result of the Watchtower’s no blood and organ donor policies. One was a minor, the second in her early twenties, a man in his late forties and one in his sixties. All tragedies regardless.

    I say above that it doesn't match with common sense because even Jehovah's Witnesses would refuse to obey the blood doctrine if they were losing that many members a year. Because many of those personally touched by such a tragedy recognize the error in the doctrine a loss of a thousand or more a year would have such a massive fall-out in membership that it would be immediately obvious.

    The common sense analogy falls flat on it’s face, I’m sorry. But that’s just not true. How many people do you know that are seriously ill or have sustained a life threatening injury – sure it happens every day but not to everybody. And JW congregations are small and scattered all over the place so what chance is there of mass casualties due to the no-blood doctrine? Besides, when I was in the cult I threw my common sense away so I could survive Armageddon and live in paradise. Common sense should tell most witnesses that shunning your family is wrong, stupid, unloving and uncaring ... yet they do it, don't they? Most people with common sense wouldn’t join the dubs in the first place.

    sweet tee

  • jeanniebeanz

    Bttt, because I think it's important

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