How would JWs run a country if they had one?

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    How would JWs run a country if they had one?

    Take Hitler, add a dash of Stalin. Blame all the evils on the 'worldly nations outside' - execute those inside that differ in any way from the dictator - and attempt to raise up a pure race of people that would obey even the most foolish of directions.


  • TopHat

    Plenty of spies and paranoia

  • VM44

    Playing chess would not be allowed!


  • stev

    In a totalitarian regime. There is a book "The Orwellian World of the Jehovah's Witnesses" which compares them to the book 1984 written by George Orwell. I paged through the book recently, and read that Orwell knew of the JWs, which leads me to wonder whether this influenced Orwell at all in writing the book.

    There is a previous thread comparing the JWs to "Animal Farm", also written by Orwell. In the thread, the comparison is made between the Russian Revolution, which is allegorized in Animal Farm, and the JWs. Lenin is compared to Russell, and Stalin to Rutherford. The character Napoleon in Animal Farm is comparable to Rutherford.


  • DevonMcBride
    How would JWs run a country if they had one?

    Into the ground

  • MuadDib

    My dad actually has a copy of The Orwellian World of Jehovah's Witnesses, as well as some other fairly subversive literature, all of which I've gone through when nobody else was around. What he's doing with it I don't know, but some of it is really eye-opening.

  • Tigerman

    JW's will never want their own country . . .how can you bleed a populace ( emotionally and fiscally ) if you don't have a source ?

  • Tidefan

    It would be a complete theocracy, much like modern day Iran is run. An unelected body would have supreme control over the country and dissent would be crushed. BTW, has anyone noticed the "crackdown" that is currently going on in the org concerning university education?

  • Carmel

    But think about how clean the windows would be!!!


  • stevenyc

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