How would JWs run a country if they had one?

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  • Poztate
    So do they still teach that these are the last days? My JW neice still thinks so, so it would be interesting to know what spin they put on the generation doctrine to still allow for the last days to be nigh?

    Yep...still the last days..still really,really close to the end but no more "speculation" their words about how long a generation was.

    Let me think...I still can HONEST For 40 or more years they DEMANDED that dub's believed what they said about the generation teaching.This came from gawd..this came from jesus...yada..yada..yada..Then they change everything and encourage dubs not to speculate!!

  • greendawn

    A theocracy not a democracy, that means a spiritual dictatorship to get the dubs through the next 1000 years. There will be no culture and no creativity or love, elders will be fighting each other for power and glory.

  • dedpoet

    I don't know, and I never want to find out.

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