How would JWs run a country if they had one?

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  • Honesty

    I will never find out for the following reasons:.

    All of the 6 million (yes defd, you are included in the description) deluded and deceived Jehovah's Witnesses would be very disappointed if the Watchtower Lie really was a reality.

    Jehovah's Witnesses should think about this.

    Do you really want a world run by the Watchtower Society?


    You survive Armageddon and the smelly task of burying all those dead and rotting bodies many of whom are your former JW family and friends who didn't do enough to rate a ticket on the Paradise Express.

    Then 6 months and one screwup later:

    The Judicial Committee handling your case decides you are unrepentant so they take you outside the city gates and stone you to death with no hope of a resurrection.

    I bet my last dime that you Jehovah's Witnesses are happified that the Watchtower and its Lie is just an illusion to make you feel comfortable and secure instead of reality.

  • Spectrum

    Would they be allowed to have sporting competition?

    They would say that that is about ego so would probably ban it.

  • carla

    Much like the book 1984. Complete, with the thought police.

  • mrsjones5
  • Super_Becka

    Ahh, well said, I'm inclined to agree with that. 1984 is one of my favourite books and I must say, now that I consider it, I think a WTS-run world would be exactly like that, complete with 24-hour monitoring and thought police to control independent thinking.


    How true is that?? For the WTS, IGNORANCE really is STRENGTH. JWs are ignorant to the flaws and inconsistencies of the WTS and so the WTS maintains its irongrip on its followers. In the 21st century, that's really sad.

    And a few posts back, gringojj said:

    There was a WT once where they said the only reason they dont stone apostates to death is because it breaks the current laws.

    Ooo, can someone find me a reference for that statement?? Maybe the publication information (date, page number, etc.) or better yet, does someone have a scan of the article that states that??

    -Becka :)

  • LDH

    Some names come to mind here.

    Pol Pot

    Idi Amin (sp?)

    Saddam Hussein

  • mrsjones5

    add Chairman Mao to that list.

  • googlemagoogle

    usa-like... "the finest people" and all. "patriot act". FBI. guantanamo.

  • delilah
    Pretty much the same way they run their congregations now....lots of DFing for rank and file, unless of course you can lie through your teeth, and/or are a part of the elder and MS group. They'd tighten the rules for young ones, no college, no universities, just go to work cleaning, so you can spend quantity time preaching and recruiting. The odd bookstudy party, here and there, larger parties are frowned upon, they cannot be controlled as well. NO sports, even pick-up hockey would be interferes with service the next morning. Only those who hold postions in the congregation are allowed to drink excessively....everyone else will be scrutinized and possibly DF'd....AAUUGGHH! I could go on forever.....things never change....what I really do not miss, since I've been out..the competition between the elders wives and MS wives...the way they dress do their hair, and decorate their homes....ALL THE SAME!!! BORING!
  • mrsjones5

    How come the jws dont have a state like the Mormons and Utah?

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