Journal of Church and State: WT NO-BLOOD EXPOSE'

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  • Seeker4


    Sorry, but you named yourself well if you can't see the potential of this information.

    S4 (god, I didn't want to start getting all pissy right off the bat here, but I could see this idiocy coming. I think I should just head to bed right now and let the idiots rant.)

  • IW


    Thanks for all your efforts to bring this here. I hope this works for the good of all concerned but especially for the rank and file JW who is still chained to his/her belief that the GB is God's gift to mankind. Children are dying. Get the word out friends!

    Peace to you,


  • Kenneson

    Folks, I do think this is BIG. Now if only the media can quickly get a hold of this. Where's Danny when you need him?

  • Smiles

    Another Church and State issue from Waco Texas involving families, children, death and a cult...

  • knothead34

    i can hear the reply by the witnesses now. just because they may have gotten the medical facts "wrong", the bible still says abstain from blood, so it wouldn't have made a difference anyway. can anyone give me some other sites where i can find out other interpretations for those scriptures?

  • Seeker4

    Dannys' up here in New England, and we're going to do just fine with all this.

    Eh, Danny?


  • alamb

    This issue can help ex-jw parents in custody decisions brought before courts. The other parent will potentially be making uniformed decisions from deceptive literature. The implications to other aspects of parenting will then be brought into question, whether voiced or not. This parent is willing to watch their child die without having all the information. If this could tip any scales, who will have the best interest of the child in mind then?

  • knothead34

    no reason to start calling names seeker. I'm not an idiot, but maybe a more "enlightened" poster like yourself would like to explain. I'll make sure I read it later. That is if this stupid person can comprehend anything. make sure you spell it out now, and in plain, simple terms. no big words now.

    get over yourself

  • Odrade

    This news is NOT going to take a "loyal JW" to utilize...
    This article, could be used by anyone who has ever been sued by the WT for administering a blood transfusion, and been sanctioned or forced to pay the WT or their fees because of the WT getting a favorable judgement on the basis of first amendment freedom of religion. They could be sued by any non-jw family member who claims that their loved one gave up their lives for a doctrine that they believed... based on lies.
    If you lie, you lose your freedom of religion protections.

  • lisaBObeesa

    It doesn't matter if the GB can wiggle out of this with the Rank and File.

    If this info is correct, the ORG is going to get SUED, and they are going to LOOSE, again and again. They will loose potential converts, and they will loose members who see the light along the way. And most important, they will loose money. Lots and lots of money.

    Also, no amount of spin is going to keep the rank and file from KNOWING about these lawsuits, because if we do our jobs right, the lawsuits will be news. The more JWs who know the facts, the more that will leave.

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