Journal of Church and State: WT NO-BLOOD EXPOSE'

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  • dinah

    They will wiggle out of it. The news just don't really seem big to me at all. A real let-down. I liked the GB member with his penis stuck in a vacuum cleaner better.

    Remember, these guys can wiggle out of ANYTHING.

    Oh, and Glitter, I thank God for cell-savers. If not for those I would be dead or horribly deformed.

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    This is it??? This is the big news????

    Sure it *may* open the way for a lawsuit, but who is going to sue? I can guarantee you that 99% of the JW families that have lost family members will still believe they were doing what Jehovah wanted. They would never imagine suing the Society over it. And if they do, the Society will reply with, we never told you to refuse blood! We only told you how Jehovah feels about it, you made your own decision using your Bible-based conscience.

    It says so right on the blood card: "I ____________ have chosen to abstain from blood." And then it has a signature at the bottom with two witnesses.

    No Apologies

  • jeanniebeanz
  • Kudra

    Well, this might not have that much of an effect on the r+f witnesses:
    ~What is the reason they all refuse blood?

    NOT because of any medical reason but because they read "keep abstaining from blood" in the bible. -The medical reasons are just to put the blood issue in a better light to "worldly" folks, doctors, family etc.

    This might come across as niether here nor there for most witnesses. It does not address the seat of their firm stance on the blood issue.


  • doodle-v

    I think some are missing the point. Please read the entire thing. ITS NOT ABOUT THE BLOOD CARD OR COERCING WITNESSES OR SHUNNING. It's about the misrepresentation of medical facts. Which is what they are indeed guilty of and will definately be sued for.


    Thanks Barbera and to all involved!!!

  • dinah

    The anti-depressant manufacturers will probably rise up and save them. After all, us ex-dubs keep them in business. OH and Budweiser.

  • Mulan

    I just sent this information to my brother and his two adult daughters. His wife (the girl's mother) died in 1977, of massive blood loss, and of course refused blood, following a botched childbirth. I expect it will be painful but maybe they will be interested in a lawsuit. I hope there isn't a statute of limitations involved. It was big news in this area back then. Her funeral (baby died as well) was attended by over 500 people, packed inside a huge KH and spilling into the outdoors, with doors open. Worst thing our family has experienced.

    Fortunately my brother and his girls are ex JW's, in case you wondered. Our youngest son is in his last semester of college, studying to be a paralegal, and eventually a lawyer. I may have to have him explain this to me.

    Thanks Barbara! It was worth the wait.

  • alamb

    This shows they deceive people with false information in their literature. This can be applied to many issues....this is a spark in a haystack.

  • jgnat

    On the contrary, the soft-pedalling of the dangers of refusing blood transfusions, and at the same time magnifying the dangers terrorizes most witnesses in to refusing blood in any case. I've sat with my husband through two blood videos produced by the society. Maybe a minute or two at the beginning on bible verses and the rest of the video is men in white lab coats about the glories of bloodless surgery. I've read of ex-witnesses here who continue to be sickened by the thought of a blood transfusion. This is wrong.

    Every time I have argued the blood doctrine with a "true believer" they tried to bring up medical "facts" when they started to lose on the bible-front. This is very dangerous misinformation, and I am GLAD, GLAD, GLAD someone has finally documented it.

    IF THE WATCHTOWER society had properly represented the facts and explained to faithful JW's that THEIR STAND ON BLOOD MAY VERY WELL BE FATAL, I'd respect their stance. But they don't. And tragically, many JW's go to their grave HOPING for a MEDICAL MIRACLE or JEHOVAH'S INTERVENTION.

  • serendipity

    I wondered in what other areas this could be be applied? The WTS has selectively quoted secular facts when advising against so many things. Will this affect what's published ?

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