Journal of Church and State: WT NO-BLOOD EXPOSE'

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  • Seeker4

    Over the next few days, those on this forum who can help everyone understand the impact of this article should be listened to very carefully.

    I spent a long time on the phone with Auld Soul tonight, and he had this figured out - and its potential importance - way before this was released. Several others did as well.

    What this opens up is the opportunity to hold a religion LEGALLY responsible for its teachings.


    This is why Barbara has been writing about the need for activism. This article establishes the legal basis for attacking, through the judicial system, the WTS for its policy on blood transfusions. It's more important than the Dateline program or the other publicity mentioned for the same reason that appointments to the US Supreme Court, in the long run, are more important than who is elected President of the US. The judicial system establishes precedents that affect the citizenry in its day to day life more than any other branch of government.

    The importance of this article, and its legal implications are massive.

    Print out the post, read it, go to bed and think and talk about this. We have a lot of work to do, starting tomorrow.


  • AlanF

    This really is a big deal.

    The Journal of Church and State is a prestigious law journal read by a huge number of judges, including State and Federal Supreme Court judges.

    What is needed now is massive publicity to get the word out to JWs and ex-JWs who have been harmed by the Watchtower's ridiculous and deceitful blood policy.

    Think about this: willfully misrepresenting medical facts that result in a wrongful death is, I think, a form of murder. There are no statutes of limitations on murder.

    The fact is that the Society has consistently misrepresented the medical facts in order to support its supposedly "scripturally based stance" on blood transfusions. Such misrepresentation has been pointed out for years, in piecemeal fashion, on various forums including and especially the AJWRB (Associated Jehovah's Witnesses for Reform on Blood) website ( ). This misrepresentation is the same sort that the Society practices with regard to its history, science, certain doctrines, and so forth. With regard to the blood issue, however, according to the article, legal liability. This is quite different from deceiving people by, say, claiming that a famous paleontologist supports the notion of biblical Creation.

    As Rutherford said: ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE! the article and its implications!


  • ellderwho
    in the style of the TV ads that ask if you have suffered a particular condition to call their hot line. I could see a similar ad, if you have refused a blood transfusion or a member of your family has, call xxx-xxxx. They get enough plaintiffs together and file a mass tort suit, it could get interesting.

    I like Bigdogs take on it. Money,money,money. What price does one judge put on a life? dolla, dolla bills ya'll.

  • AuldSoul

    It is a sword for us to wield, as well as secularly substantiated intentional misrepresentation of material facts.

    For a moment, put yourself in the average JW shoes. Does it matter to them whether the medical science agrees with a Scriptural requirement? No. So, if it doesn't matter, why lie about it? Wow! Now we have a paradox, it obviously matters enough to misrepresent facts to make a stronger case than actually exists. Why?

    Because there is no way for omnivores to avoid eating blood. Because transfusion of blood is not eating blood, no digestion of it occurs. Because you couldn't live after grinding up a Big Mac and pumping it into your veins, but you can live from replacing severe loss of blood volume with blood. Because the "abstain from alcohol" analogy is trite and misleading since the body handles ingested liquids differently than it handles ingested proteins.

    Because, the organization has overstayed its welcome in the lives of its slaves. (Proverbs 25:17)

    AuldSoul (of the "Can't Wait to Read the Whole Thing" class)

  • stillajwexelder

    By the way, nice to hear from you Alan F

  • knothead34

    i thought this was going to be big news that the watchtower was going to bring out, not some expose of the blood thing. a lawsuit to the WTS won't change a whole lot to most witnesses i don't think. of course the more money spent on lawyers, the worse it is for the watchtower, even if it is their own lawyers. I was hoping it was going to be something bigger. i've got a 2 day assembly this weekend and it was the only thing i was looknig forward to. oh well, better than nothing

  • Seeker4

    Christ, I started my reply the second the post came on the board, and I ended up on page three!!

    The shit has hit the fan!

    Alan, glad to see you are here. This is as big as it gets, and you and I know it. Let's hope we can get that across.

    Ain't life grand! I love living in such exciting times - and I've been trying to help folks not get toooo over-excited about the immediate potential of this information.

    Its long term potential is far greater than the immediate impact.


  • glitter
    Oh, and Glitter, I thank God for cell-savers. If not for those I would be dead or horribly deformed.

    And I'm not saying that option ought not have been allowable. Look at what I said - I was saying it's a contradiction that they allow one (where blood is "spilled") but not the other (where no blood is "spilled"). *Both* should be "allowed". I want them to do away with the ridiculous policy altogether.

  • startingover

    Will this have long term effects? It looks like that will be the case.

    But I can't help but think that if this is the case, it will be interpreted as persecution by the JW's

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Despite the thought that the WTS and JWs will try to fall back on scripture the whole issue begs the question:

    What else have they lied about?

    We now have an extremely credible source of documented information that shows not only that the WTS lies in their "theocratic war strategy" but they lie to the JWs themselves!!!

    What does this do to their crediblity to present JWs?

    What does this do to their credibility to potential converts?

    It's going to be harder and harder for JWs to defend the WTS when it is they themselves who have been lied to by "God's mouthpiece", God's appointed organization!!!

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