Journal of Church and State: WT NO-BLOOD EXPOSE'

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    This is not a "sexy" revelation. By that I mean there is no videotape, no smoking gun and nothing by which one can emotionally be drawn to the issue. Forgive the poor analogy, but when Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation he (and the announcement) was met with total apathy. In retrospect what that proclamation did was to alter the cause of the war changing from a war between the states over states' rights to a Civil War involving the enslavement of millions of people. This subtle but important difference kept England and France from aiding the Confederacy (and in all likelihood allowing the North to win the war) as Lincoln's announcement gave the North the moral high ground. Why should England and France support a nation that brutally enslaves millions of people? Appearance, and the moral high ground, is the rock upon which many a movement has been built. See Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King for examples.

    What this article does is expose the Society for things that we, as EX-JW's, take for granted and that which the average person on the street knows nothing: that this is a cynical, hard-bitten organization bent on growth and profit. It uses and disposes of people at a whim and will appeal to the better angels of our nature in order to advance their own massively corrupt and despicable agenda.

    We have all experienced this madness and cruelty. We know what they are. But the world at large doesn't. Why? Mainly because, at best, Jehovah's Witnesses are viewed as a fringe group that can be viewed by liberals as a benign, if not annoying, group and by conservatives as the epitome of religious tolerance because they are so annoying when they go door-to-door. What neither side realizes is the tremendous emotional, physical and spiritual damage this sect causes. Now, FOR THE FIRST TIME, an authoritative source that is respected and listened to, by the legal establishment exposes the evil mindset and absolute corruptness of these people.

    Do you not realize what a tremendous tool this article is?!!!!!!

    In the right hands, those of people in the legal field, those who can make changes to law (and that which affects all of us) this article is objective third-party opinon, and I daresay circumstantial proof, that Jehovah's Witnesses are NOT the high-minded, idealistic (if not misguided) zealots they would have the world at large believe about them.

    No. They are worse. Much worse.

    What this objective, third-party account shows is the cynical depth, the absolute depravity to which they will sink in order to further their agenda, widen their sphere of influence and with all stunning and cold-heartedness evilness throw thousands of innocent men, women and children into the fire, literally ordering them to their death, so that their little kingdom is kept safe and money continues to flow. How many thousands of people have died because of this policy? And now, finally, someone who is objective, and respected, steps forward and tells the world that the emporer has no clothes.

    It amazes me that so many fail to realize what a huge development this is.

    Rome wasn't built in a day, nor was it destroyed in a day.

    I'll crawl back into my hole now.


  • Elsewhere

    @ Big Tex

    Good to see you online again.

  • Bryan


    Well said. Just a Brenda stated before... "It's what we do with it", that will make the difference.


  • skeeter1


    The Journal of Church & State updated its webpage to make it SUPER EASY to order. They even put a special line for just this article!!!!

    You can get the entire journal for $8 + $2 shipping or just the article for $4 + $1 shipping.

    I called LexisNexis. They operate one of the largest on-line research databases in the US. They will not have this article for a few months. They buy it from some 3rd party supplier. I imagine that if Lexis can't get it quickly, neither will the other on-line sites. But, I do not know about this yet...stay tuned.

    Also, most University libraries carry the Journal of Church & State. You can go there & read a hard copy of it - call ahead to make sure they have it.

  • cheezy

    Chris, So well said that there is little to add, except that we need you to come out of your hole and help put things in the perspective that makes all the difference. You have an insightful grasp of this organization's agenda - and that is so very important. With all that is flying around, it helps to get back to the reality.....and your considered, unemotional assessment speaks volumes. More! Crystal

  • Dansk

    Great to hear from you BIG TEX!

    Great post!!


  • Leolaia

    skeeter1....Note that there is a seperate address line for "Recipient" than for "Billing address". How about ordering gift copies for relatives still "in"? I might just do that for an aunt of mine...

  • Abaddon

    Some thoughts....

    Just to stress (as others have done but still people seem to miss the point); IT IS PEER REVIEWED.

    This means very experienced legal professionals (more experienced thatn the writer and probably more experienced than any legal professionals on this site) find the argument has merit - and of course their analysis is based on the entire article. This is not some article by a student in some student publication, this is like an article in Scientific American or Nature.

    Remember, tort of misrepresentation against a religious group for misrepresenting secular facts has already succesfully been used in court.

    So, this is not inventing "the wheel"; "the wheel" has already been used in similar cases. It is pointing out "the wheel" can be used in a new way.

    Yes, this new way has to be tested in court, yes the Borg will fight tooth and nail, but unless the underlying legal principle (religious bodies are liable for damages related to their misrepresentation of secular facts) is overthrown, or shown not to apply in this case, it stands a good chance of working.

    But, like I said on the other thread yesterday (I didn't see the new one), I think the next step is important.

    And that's having a court case testing this legal position.

    If we want real news coverage (according to the journalist who's authored several articles in the UK press on issues regarding JW's) we need a court case. He points out the actual article is not rwally 'news' - to paraphrase him, it merely states what rational people already know, that refusing blood can be dangerous for your health and JW's are silly not to.

    The articles in legal journals are of massive interest to us but of 'yeah, well, that's obvious' passing interest to most people. They thus have zero news interest to most people and many media outlets until a 'juice factor' is added. When the article leads to actual court cases, it's newsworthy enough for the mainstream press to take an interest in. For example, think of headlines and yourself as someone with a normal (i.e. zero) interest in JW's;

    US law may allow JW's to be charged with misrepresentation over their blood doctrine

    ... is, let's face it, a headline WE would read, but most other people?...zzzzzzzzz....?


    Class Action against JW's for deception regarding their blood doctrine could financialy ruin the cult

    ... or ...

    Payouts to victims of their blood doctrine force JW's to sell dozens HQ's around the world

    ... is far more interesting to the general public... and to us.

  • Hellrider

    I have to say, this scandal-frenzy that was the result of that initial info-post from Anderson, was the work of certain members of this board themselves. People started speculating in that this could be the final deathblow to the WTS, and that it would happen really quickly. Thank God I was only two years old in 1975, I had no idea people would go nuts this easily. The thing is: This article IS a potentially very damaging threat to the WTS. All that`s needed now, is a lawsuit, that is won (it will probably go to the high court, and this takes many, many years), and voilĂ : Presedence is set! And when that happens, the gates of hell are opened up on the WTS, and the shit will hit the fan, and then we can start talking about the end of the WatchTower Bullshit and Trickery Society! But it will take some years. I`m very curious about the development in the years to come. It`s not looking good for those "anointed" bastards in Brooklyn! They`re about to become "anointed" in lawsuits.

  • Dansk
    I`m very curious about the development in the years to come.

    Me too! You can bet your life the higher ups in Bethel will already be running around like headless chickens sorting out how best to minimise the damage - such as by where best to secrete the money. No matter, there's always all the real estate they own, which will be worth more in the years to come.


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