Tookie is running out of time

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  • sixsixsixtynine
    Now, I feel killing people is wrong because killing people is wrong, and when we start making up instances (outside of justifiable self-defence) when killing people is right, we undermine the principle that killing people is wrong.

    'nuff said.

  • forsharry

    it all saddens me to tell you the truth. There's a very literal part of me that says if you do something horrific onto someone else, then the same (or something equally as punishing) should be done onto you...sorta hammurabi (sorry if the spelling is wrong.) Would it lessen crimes if you took away the weapon of the rapists, if you ended the lives of the murderers, if you cut off the hands of the theives? I have no idea...and frankly I know it's INHUMANE. But what do you do? The prison system in this country is broken. Prisoners have it easier on the inside than most of us in the middle class do! All the food you want! Cable TV, weight training, gyms, access to secondary education, etc. etc. etc. Is that truly punishment? Is that ultimately fixing the problem?

    Just because Tookie is a reformed person now, does that mean he is no longer responsible for his former actions? Would life in prison been a more proper punishment versus death?

    We're just putting a bandage over a hemorraghing artery here. How many criminals repeat? Why do they do that? We punish them by locking them up and then give them no skills to change their lives over. I know i'm going in a bunch of different directions here and I'm sorry for that.

    We're such a mixed up country that we worry more about criminals rights than we do those that are law abiding. Criminals should have no rights...they gave them up as soon as they decided to deny someone else theirs. I'm not for cruelty, but shouldn't prison be punishment? I'm talking no cable, no fun stuff, etc. It should be re-education and for lack of a better word punishment!

    Do I think Tookie got what he deserved? Hmm. Not sure really, but to end this post on a truly cliched note, "If you live by the sword, you die by the sword." - I'm not taking that literally, but what goes around, comes around.

    (This is coming from someone who lost a family member to murder. My cousin hung out with questionable people and angered the wrong person. He was shot point-blank in the head with a firearm and died instantly. The man who committed this atrocity is now behind bars, for the rest of his life <this was committed in a non-capital punishment state.> Am I happy? No. Do I want this guy to be executed? Part of me says, yep...put a gun up to his face and pull the trigger. Will it right the wrong committed? No. So is justice done? No.) Everyone loses. No win situation. So what's the right choice? What do we do?

  • MegaDude

    Posting the pics of Tookie's victims is a good thing. People always seem to forget them in a media whirlwind. And frankly I don't believe Tookie was sincere about his anti-gang work. It was just another "card" to play to beat the death penalty.

  • prophecor
    The only way I'd want my murderer put to death would be if there was a chance he/she would ever harm anyone else.

    Violence has been attributed to him within the walls of the prison as well. Just because one is incarcerated doesn't mean that the legacy of violence comes to an end.

    We neglect to fully take into consideration the victims in these brutal slayings. The convicted has a face, he has a voice. We lose sight of the fact that there are those who've lost thier lives in these incidents. Those who've murdered in cases of such are human, yes, yet we're rarely reminded as to the humanity that was lost due to the senseless violence.

    To bring balance to the reality of the situation.

    Reason for the pictures.

  • FlyingHighNow
    We lose sight of the fact that there are those who've lost thier lives in these incidents.

    Please find photos of them, alive, to post. Again, I want to be remembered at my best, not with shotgun wounds, lying in an awquard pose with blood all over me. You know you are one of my favorite posters here, Proph. I just don't know if the victims or their families want their death photos posted all over the net.

    Prisons are violent places. People convicted of murders aren't the only people involved in prison violence and hits. To stop prison violence, there is going to have to be huge reform or getting rid of prisons and long prison terms all together.

    Posting the pics of Tookie's victims is a good thing. People always seem to forget them in a media whirlwind.

    Post pictures of them in life then.

  • IronGland
    Maybe he deserves to go, but he's actually done a huge amount of anti-gang work from prison.

    Yeah, It was reported his 2nd anti gang book sold 2 copies. I hope those 2 can stay away from gang life.

    Here's some of Tookie's 'supporters'. They look devastated at his impending death......

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    Is it just me or does the fox news reporter look like dale winton???

  • IronGland
    Is it just me or does the fox news reporter look like dale winton???

    Is that some British guy no american has heard of?

  • Rabbit

    Someone asked, "Why aren't executions televised?"

    I think they should be... as a very sober reminder of the responsibility we all, as individuals, have for our actions. To be a better deterrent..."a picture is worth a thousand words."

    It was mentioned that one of the drugs given to Williams would cause his "chest & lungs to quickly collapse."

    From the execution pictures of Tookies victims, I'd say their "chest & lungs quickly collapsed," too. When the shotgun pellets tore thru the 73 year old Grandma's --- abdomen, I bet she felt a horrible "burning sensation" as her guts collapsed and flew out of her body !

    I guess Tookie f**ked up on that Grandmother's execution, even tho' as the head of an organized crime gang, he surely had plenty of 'on the job experience. He should have gently found her vein, injected her with a drug to cause unconciousness -- and only then -- shotgunned her to death !

    Oh, wait...I almost forgot -- he's a cold-blooded murderer. Also, a "nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize."

    Rabbit (excuse me while I go vomit)

    "A picture is worth a thousand words..."

  • MegaDude
    Post pictures of them in life then.

    Nah. Seeing the damage these scumbags can do quickly snaps people crying for clemency back to reality. Well, sometimes.

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