why disfellowshipped?

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  • knothead34

    as a new unbaptized publisher, I would really like to know why some of you were disfellowshipped if you don't mind sharing your stories. Thanks.

  • La Capra
    La Capra

    More importantly, you should be asking the person you have been studying with why people get disfellowshipped, and what happens to them if they are. You should ask if a person can get disfellowshipped for talking to a disfellowshipped person, or if a person can get disfellowshipped for disagreeing with doctrine and talking about it. If a person will be shunned if they simply don't want to be a Jehovah's Witness anymore, even if they don't do anything which would have warranted being shunned if they hadn't been baptized first.

    Before you contract with the WTBTS by getting baptized be very certain you are willing to live with the results if you "breach" your agreement with them. If you never get baptized, then, you will not be subject to their control. Please visit this site often, and read all about all the tragic and sad tales that come from that religion.

    You don't say how you came to be a "new unbaptized publisher" at the age of 34. If you do not already have a spouse, and you are hoping to find one in this cult, your odds are low.

    I myself disassociated because when I sought a secular education (four-year college with the goal of a teaching certificate), I started to get ignored by most in the congregation, despite my proper conduct (in contrast to others' may age in the congregation). I realized the love in the congregation was conditional, and it was simply obvious that the religion was not the sole conduit to the divinity, or if it was, then God was not Love.... Also, as an intelligent and capable female, many of my abilities were rejected, ridiculed, or simply ignored so that the males could look better. I didn't think Jehovah would create women with the purpose that men could cut off their noses despite their faces, and not make use of their talents simply because they didn't come equipped with a penis.

    I think it might be negligent on your part to go door-to-door seeking converts to this religion if you are not aware of the reasons potential converts could get kicked out of it. You should know what you are selling.

    Please do not get baptized.


  • knothead34

    I actually do know the reasons why the society disfellowships people, i was just curious as to everyone's individual experiences. nothing more

  • Honesty
    I actually do know the reasons why the society disfellowships people, i was just curious as to everyone's individual experiences. nothing more

    Welcome to the board!! Do you mind sharing those reasons with us?

  • Finally-Free

    I wasn't disfellowshipped. I disassociated myself because of the watchtower society's protection of child abusers.


  • wednesday

    As an unbaptixed publisher you are already under their rules. You can not be DF but they can announce you are not an approved associte , a marking. Or they can just unoffically shun you. You are already in and if your family is too, they will shun you if you leave.


  • knothead34

    I posted this question for the sole purpose of finding out why people were disfellowshipped. I do know why people get disfellowshipped and I assume that most people on this board do also so I will not list the entire spectrum of reasons. I appreciate everyone's responses. If you were disassociated instead of disfellowshipped, that's fine too. I am not trying to figure out if I am going to be disfellowshipped or marked or anything like that. I am simple INTERESTED in other people's stories. OK?

  • misspeaches

    LOL... I think I understand your question!

    I just faded. But a friend of mine who posts on this board was disphellowshipped. Her kid was sexually abused by a perp in the congregation. It went to the police and all but there was still a cover up on a congregational level. When she tried to alert other mothers to the danger of letting their child near this scum she was disphellowshipped. Apparently she was slandering the perp and his family by warning others!

  • TopHat

    I faded away from the Watchtower organization because they want to control every aspect of your life....which is not as I see it, a true free will to worship God.

    But instead the Iron will worship of the WTS.

  • La Capra
    La Capra

    If you want to know about others' personal experiences, you may find some insight from this link.


    You are already living a double life and a lie. If your book study leader, or the congregation leaders knew you were reading the information on this site, associating with known apostates, and worse, posting here as well, you too would be "discarded." And it would be hard to show you didn't do these things with "greed," since you keep coming back to this board and the thread specifically solicits association with disfellowshipped persons. If it were me, I would find the cognitive dissonance in your current position unbearable. It takes being able to suppress and sublimate that conflict to be a good witness. I would think that even if you thought the WTBTS was the best thing going religion-wise, you would never be truly at peace when you were committing an intentional and premeditated disobedience that would result in your ejectment if you were caught.

    Hopefully there are other endeavors in your life that you find interesting and fulfilling (like a career, family, or surfing the net...)

    I will pray that you abandon them before they can reject you. You deserve a religion you can follow in peace and with which you can disagree openly without consequence. Many other religions have that.


    (edited to correct a verb conjugation, while I still could)

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