why disfellowshipped?

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  • knothead34

    Thanks Satanus

    Glad to see you coming to my defense. thanks for the info on your disfellowshipping. That sucks, for them not you i'm guessing:)

  • misspeaches

    Just wondering if you had overlooked my earlier reply to your post. In case you did miss it I think you'll find the reason behind the disphellowshipping interesting to say the least.

  • knothead34

    i did misspeaches and thank you so much for you response.

  • Purza

    I am currently an inactive publisher at this time. However, when I was 19 I was Df'd for immorality. Then when I was reinstated and a few years down the road, I was privately reproved for "loose conduct".


  • Apostanator

    Hey Knothead34, welcome to the board. I didn't get disfellowshiped, I disasociated myself. The reason....if a woman did not scream when she was raped, she would either be held responsible for commiting fornication or not commiting fornication. It depended on what year the offense took place. The organization one year would say that she commited fornication and during another year she didn't. So if you can research Watchtower articles you'll realize that the Org. flip flops on this issue. Very confusing....I don't think Jehovah changes but the Organization does. Also, you may want to read peoples profiles on this board. It may give you insight as to why they made the decisions that they have.

  • The Lone Ranger
    The Lone Ranger

    According to the WT, they Disfellowship only those who are "Unrepentant Gross Sinners", but since no one can question the elders or speak to the Disfellowship one, no one ever finds out the REAL reason why a brother got DFed. So, we have many situations where a Good Friend whom you may have known for many years suddenly is announced that he/she is Disfellowshipped, now the audience are to presume that the DFed one is an unrepentant gross sinner, you are NOT allowed to ask WHY? you are not allowed to speak to them , if you do ask questions then you may also get DFEd. This leaves room for huge injustices and corruption and is NOT the way it was done in the bible, if fact the older men would meet at the city gates for any ‘Committees’ so that everyone could see the court in action, just like in modern courts there is a public gallery so that everyone can see whats happening and see the evidence and see why the judgment was given, but the WT does everything is secret with the excuse that others should mind there own business.

  • Apostanator

    I agree with you Lone Ranger. The Watchtower does not mind you asking questions, they just don't want you to question their answers.

  • Carmel

    According to the letter I recieved from the cong. serv. I was DF'd for "disobeying my parents". You know of any kid in this world in any culture at age 14 doesn't at some time disobey his/her parents? According to the letter quoting Corinthians, I qualified to be stoned to death like the theaves and prostitutes. Under the JWs, if they had their way, I would have been fodder for the foul for simply leaving home due to the dysfunctional behavior of my family. Of course my brothers could sexually abuse their daughters and not have any action taken against them. Then that's not a DFing offense...


  • Alwayshere

    Hi Knothead, I am not disfellowshipped but my son and his wife were because they disagreed with the WTS on one of their teachings and my daughter-in-law lost her entire family. I really thought the WTS was God's Organization so I was going to prove it to my son because I wanted them back.I done a lot of research on the subject they disagreed with and found out the WTS was wrong. So I quit going to meetings. The Elders came out and I posed the same question as my son and they couldn't answer it either. they left and called me again and I told them not to bother me anymore and have not heard from them since. When they are wrong the only thing they can do is get rid of you and label you an Apostate so no one will speak to you and that way they are covered.

  • MerryMagdalene

    I don't know what the elders have on file as their official reason for DFing me as they never told me what it was nor did they inform me that they were going to DF me.

    During a meeting with me at my apartment (I let them in, thinking they must be checking on me to see how I was recovering from a serious car accident I had been in the previous winter--yes, I am that dumbI had known two of them most of the years I was growing up in the cong) they asked me about a couple things.

    I had not been associated with any cong for several years, so they wanted to know if I still considered their "faithful and discreet slave" to be God's representatives on earth...I said, "NO." The other thing they were concerned about was whether or not my ex-husband was "scripturally free" to re-marry...I said, "Yes." They wanted details. I refused to comply.

    I guess they didn't want to DF me, cos they then asked me to write a letter to the congregation DAing myself. Instead, I wrote them a letter explaining why I would not DA myself and why I felt it would be neither beneficial nor necessary for them to DF me. I never heard back from them, but did hear (I can't even remember from who) that I was DFed.

    Hope that helps.


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