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  • SixofNine

    I just kinda felt I should post at least once on a 33 page thread.

    *waves at Barbara and Joe* :-) IMO,

    the News is bigger than a Honda,

    it's bigger than a Subaru

    Hey man there’s only fractions, and one issue that will do

    Anyway we don’t have to spill it honey, we can store it up for later use

    And have a party 'bout your big News, Big News, Big News.....

    With sincere apologies to Bruce Springsteen

  • Seeker4

    Very good last post. You're getting it!

  • undercover

    On a lighter hearted thought:

    Why does this quote:

    Especially, we need to patiently listen to how the news should be communicated so that it will create a stir.
    remind me of when the special tracts were coming out and we were going to receive special instuctions on how to place them in field service?
  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    Undercover....agreed. Sounds like the news is like a fart in church. Yeah, it'll smell but quickly goes away. We are being baited to "hype" this thing up. Somehow by our own will make it newsworthy. But I suppose adding another turd into the punch bowl makes it more difficult for the WTBS to strain out the Kool Aid in the punch bowl.

  • GetBusyLiving

    :But I suppose adding another turd into the punch bowl makes it more difficult for the WTBS to strain out the Kool Aid in the punch bowl.

    Thats gotta be the nastiest analogy I've ever heard..


  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate
    Sunspot; To a degree, discovering that one's faith and trust in anything or & anyone is shattering, no matter what the age.

    I thought of this over the years talking to JWs. For me I found out slowly. I researched Biblical truths in between my book studies. The facts were slowly revealed that I was not being taught truth by the elders wife. It was a smooth transition. No UN, no Internet, just myself and loads of Bibles, Greek dictionaries and Strongs conconcordance. The anger hit and some point when I realized what was lost in my life because of the cult. But it was still smoothed out over time.

    I was talking to a JW outside a grocery store this year and walked up to him and said "haven't you heard the news? Bethel doesn't believe this stuff (pointing to his table full of WTBTS books devoid of even one Bible) I then told him about the UN and explained it all. Told him how to verify it and what the elders would tell him. I ran in the store to find my mom. He was obviously shaken and was packed up and gone within 15 minutes. I looked into his eyes as he was leaving and there was a haunted look in his eyes. I felt kinda bad. I still worry about him and hope he is ok.

    So yeah I worry about it. Pain is easier to take when spread out. ~Kate

  • wombat

    So where has dfed gone? Just the one post?

  • M.J.

    I liked defd's post. There's no reason to pick on him. But we know he likes the attention...

  • wombat

    Okay M.J.....Sorry

  • sf

    Mr. Anderson,

    So what I want to say is that when this big news comes out we should bear in mind that Jehovah is the one who will carry out vengeance on the WTs miss deads and not us .

    Respectfully sir, you don't get it.

    Yet, you will.

    It IS Us, and NOT Jehovah, who is changing the momentum.

    Thank you for your participation.


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