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    Sorry, some of you are still missing the point. Probably haven't read all these posts, and frankly, I don't blame you. This thing has really gotten out of hand.

    This issue is coming out of left field. The WTS isn't doing any damage control right now, because they have no idea what is coming. In fact, there are a couple of posts here already that prove they (the WTS) are completely clueless about this issue because they have verified their current stance, which is deadly. Their statements couldn't have been any more damaging to themselves. Makes me wonder if there are brothers in the Service Department who ARE aware of this and providing ammunition against the WTS. Hey, Merton Campbell, have you been hiding an apostate side?? I always wondered why you had a Magic 8 Ball in your office!

    Personally, I've come to trust the 8 Ball completely. As I tell my co-workers, "The 8 Ball is never wrong." Have you discovered that also, Merton?

    Sunspot is right. The WTS doesn't use the Internet to respond to issues, and at this point they are months away from getting a 3/4 Governing Body approved response to this.

    They are so fucked. But, we'll need all your help to make sure of that.


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    Would love for this to be the 16,000 viewing.

    That is tooooo coooool...


  • Axelspeed

    I dont know what the news is, but if it is what i'm guessing and a few others have suggested, I would suggest preparing yourself to be of some sort of support to some pretty devastated souls.

    As much as I'm hoping for the news, in reality I hate the prospect of seeing my parents especially deal with what could be some very tramatic revelations. They've given their life to this cult.


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    I just had to pour myself some brandy to calm my nerves. Not in celebration mode yet....

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    With all the Catholics still attending, after all that was exposed there, I don't think even showing Satan himself leading the Witnesses, would even be a bump in the road to their growth and attendence.

  • 95stormfront

    NO disrespect, but, the old adage of fool me once shame on you.....fool me twice shame on me comes to mind.

    I remember when I first started posting on this board and a group of posters called the APDNA (Apostate Directorate of North America) was going on and they were promising what was to become earth-shaking news about the WT always on the horizon. This group of people had the whole board going, much as this thread has, about what was to come......BIG News sure to bring about the downfall of the WT.

    The whole thing turned out to be a farce concocted by a few and only demonstrated how easily it was to get a bunch of people to believe anything and spread the expectations of that belief to anyone who would listen, much as the WT has thrived on for the past 100 years.

    Have we come so far out of the WT only to have another demonstration of how easy it is to be swept along in "gang mentality"?

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see something come along to take the WT down or if not that, take away some of their smug superiority, and again, I don't mean this as being disrespectful nor questioning of the integrity of anyone on the board. But, the extreme cynical nature I've developed, first nurtured by the WTS, my journey out, and exponentially increased by the "dirty trick" pulled by the APDNA group......

    Let's just say that, I'll believe maybe half of it when I see it.

    95Storm.........of the believe none of what you read and half of what you see class.

  • free2beme


    Couldn't agree more. It would be very easy to do that on a board like this.

  • Soledad

    Thank you 95stormfront. I was about 2 seconds away from digging up those old posts.

  • Seeker4

    Go back to IT Support's last post and get busy.

    I'm from Vermont. During the last presidential election, Howard Dean, VT's governor, had a huge national impact - making the covers of both Time and Newsweek magazines, due to his grassroots political campaign. Howard created serious problems for himself in his response one night during the primaries, but anyone who dismissed Dean at the time made a serious mistake.

    He is now the head of the Democratic National Committee. Not President, but not bad. Just wait and see.

    I've interviewed, photographed and talk to Howard Dean on a number of occasions. He's a bright, and, despite what the media indicated, quite a conservative Democrat. Dean's organization's genius lay in using the Internet. They raised tons of money, created instant response to national issues and moved the unknown governor of the nation's smallest state into THE major presidential contender for quite some time. Howard Dean will be credited with changing the US's political system forever, because they know how to use the Internet now, thanks to Dean.

    Guess what? JWD is about to learn the same lesson. The Internet has already crippled the growth of Jehovah's Witnesses in a huge percentage of the world. This morning I was re-reading Crisis of Conscience. According to Ray Franz, the only reason the WTS decided to apologize for the 1975 debacle was the declining growth in new baptisms (see CoC pages240-241). Want to get the WTS's attention? Start by stopping growth. We've already done that.

    Today, the Internet multiplies the power of a handful of determined individuals by a huge percentage. What if the thousands of us who are reading this particular post decided to become activists (even anonymous activists) instead of just readers and lurkers? Can you imagine what an impact we could have on the WTS?

    Well, the opportunity is about to present itself, and I'm no longer going to be an anonymous activist. So, once again, "Go back to IT Support's last post and get busy."

    Start making your list.


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