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  • Seeker4

    The news will definitely be released on a new thread.

    Just caught something incredibly ironic. Public television is on right now, and Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge (god, the Brooklyn Bridge - how ironic is that!!!) are singing "There's Trouble in Paradise." Is that a sign or what??? And I don't believe in signs of any sort.

    Why so ironic? I just got off the phone with Barbara Anderson. Freaky, baby!

    S4 - This is just a way too cool moment in my life.

  • steve2

    If an announcement's about to be made, you can bet the organization already knows and that's it's not as momentous as Barbara claims it will be.

  • avishai

    Steve2, why all the negativity? Geez.....

  • Sunspot

    ***The problem is whatever it is a large percentage of the JW have been conditioned to believe that if it is against their beloved WT society it is all lies and persecution.

    And THIS is the underlying problem in a nutshell! The JWs are SO condtioned to shoving their fists in their ears, and covering their eyes---then hollering "LIES---ALL LIES" like the WTS has trained them to is difficult for the light of truth to venture through!

    ***The WT doctrine teaches that in the final days the Organization will be unfairly attacked. The WT covers their bases a lot with this teaching--"WE're being attacked by Satan and his demons-- remain faithful to the Org no matter what and you will be rewarded in the end" Listen and obey our voice only...

    Yes.....I see this almost daily on another board. The die-hard JWs refuse to LOOK at what's in front of them while at the same time screaming about how "we" (opposers) " HATE them" because of their "message". We keep telling them it isn't THEM that earns the hate---it's the message you carry that IF you don't do as we teach you today on your doorstep---you will DIE when God destroys the majority of mankind.

    Then, the way they condemn everyone one earth that isn't a JW, for holiday celebrations, voting, etc etc....and don't GIVE TO OTHERS (the needy) as Jesus commanded....I mean, the list is endless! It's the totally unmovable and anal viewpoints that make every nonJW cringe at their sight!

    I am really hoping that this news of Barbara's will fly right over the WTS miserable and weak attempts to "get away with" whatever this news contains. We all know the WTS will have their writers working overtime to soften whatever the blow is, once they know about it----but it seems as if it will be something that NO ONE can squirm out of or under! It will need to be something that will make even the most hardened JWs step back and take a critical look at just what they have been giving their hearts to for so long.

    I felt hurt, betrayed and let down when I discovered what was "out there" back in 1999. It wasn't a passing indignance, but a gut-wreching pain along with the horrible realization that "I'd been HAD!"

    Let's hope this has an impact such as this.


    PS---I wonder how DFed and SS are taking in THIS "accurate knowledge" so far??

  • blakky

    I agree with Steve2.

    If this is as big as we think it is...The WTS will know about. They will be and are in damaging control right now.

    They are thinking of ways to explain/cover up what ever it is.

    And if the authories are involved, no doubts they will know about it because the authorities would have contacted them about the issues...

    What the hell is it??

    I think it the UN debacle raising its head. The Un has had so many callers quering the WTS & UN/NGO relationship, they have probably investigated WTS doctrine and magazines, and found that they have printed so many bad things about the UN.

    THe WTS had to sign some sort of documents saying that they support and are in line with the UN's objectives..But they are contrary to what they had signed, so the UN is getting them on it???

    How is that for a conspiracy theory???

  • stillajwexelder

    PS---I wonder how DFed and SS are taking in THIS "accurate knowledge" so far??

    and Scholar - celebrated WT scholars indeed

  • Sunspot

    ***If this is as big as we think it is...The WTS will know about. They will be and are in damaging control right now.

    If I'm correct...the WTS has to wait for months before any well-disguised rebuttal would be attempted....right?

    ***They are thinking of ways to explain/cover up what ever it is.

    Even if they have magical powers (smile) they could not DO anything about this in an "expedient manner" and could only "officially communicate" by letters to the KHs anyway! How much time would elapse between them hearing of the "good news" and getting orders out to the elders on what to say and how to handle the matter?

    Just think about this.

  • wombat

    Hey Blakky..........I think you're on the wrong track. May I refer you back to my post on page 8. Barbara gave some good clues early in the piece. I can't get any work done.

  • IT Support
    IT Support

    I'd like to suggest how each one of us can take an active part in publicizing BBN (Barbara's Big News)...

    Someone mentioned early on in this thread (sorry, whoever you are, I couldn't face hunting through all the pages again to try to find who you are), that we need to prepare for the Big News. I totally agree with this comment, but how can we prepare?

    Whatever the news is, we all want it to have maximum impact. To achieve that, we must publicize it as widely as possible. We can start NOW to compile a list of email addresses of people and organisations in our state / county / country who should be told about our Big News.

    No doubt Barbara will give some suggestions what to say. But what kinds of people and organisations would we want on our email distribution list?

    • News agencies, journalists (including religious correspondents) in 'serious' newspapers and news magazines.
    • If the Big News is about blood, include medical associations and organizations and medical 'trade' magazines and journals, journalists who specialize in medical matters (medical correspondents).and don't forget government health departments. Remember also lawyers who have handled blood or child abuse cases or who specialize in family matters.
    • If the Big News is about a legal matter, include legal associations and organizations, lawyers' 'trade' magazines and journals and journalists who specialize in legal matters (legal correspondents).
    • If the Big News is about a medical legal matter, we'll have struck gold and will be able use all our researched email addresses.

    For what it's worth, after a bit of digging around on Google and loads of web sites, I've got over 100 email addresses so far, from government ministers to news agencies to... You get the idea.

    If everyone--of the thousands of people, from all over the world, who so far have viewed this thread--each compiled a similar email list, we would be certain our emails really would be like scorpions, inflicting massive pain and suffering on Watchtower! And don't they deserve it?

    To our emails...!

  • yucca

    could it be they took money from the goverment to use for charities. Then used the money to build kingdom halls That could get them in lots of trouble.

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