I was a JW from 1970 til 1978. I really left sooner I was only going to meetings once in a while but the last time I was in a kingdom hall was 1978. After 1975 didnt happen I knew I needed a better job and with some benefits and a pension. So I went to work as an operator for the phone co. I was told I couldnt work for them because I couldnt make meetings etc. I told them when they helped me get tires for my car and helped me to pay bills they can tell me what I can do. I was driving on bald tires and was told if I get in accident and some one gets killed their blood was on my hands because of bald tires. I wasnt making enough money to buy tires. DUH Anyway I thought I would rather be dead than live in paradise with these people. Life got so much better after that. One thing was good I never gave up my worldly friends when I was a witness. I am now retired 15 yrs and close friends from phone co.who were never witnesses.