Is it all downhill after leaving JW's?

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  • Soledad

    Hello lynnmello

    sorry if I am just parroting others posts but there is a such an enormous variety of people who participate on this forum! There are Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Muslims and Buddists, all of whom were at one time or another Jehovah's Witnesses. stick around for a while!

    as far as your studies go, whatever you do don't ignore your intuition, your gut feeling. the first reaction is usually the correct one!

  • bailabklyn

    What makes you think that people need the JW's "spiritual food" to remain true to God/ What does "remaining true to God" even mean to you?

    You really don't know any of us. So I'm wondering how you come to the conclusion that we've all become extremists. And if we all HAVE become extremists - it would make sense since we're so accustomed to living in an extreme way. And, as someone earlier said, a lot of us are discovering ourselves NOW. So how we are this year might be quite different next year. I was very impressionable my first year out. That's expected.

    If someone here is trying to prove that the Bible is all bunk, so be it. That is how that person choosees to express her/his anger twds the organization. What does that have to do with you? And why are you disturbed by something that has nothing to do with you?

    Yes, I've abandoned organized religion. Why is organized necessary? i'm not a "religious' person. I don't need THAT aspect of what some might describe as spirituality. i pray on my own in my own way. It works for me and i feel like God and the Universe bless me when I do this and honor/worship in this way. I was NOT blessed as a JW. I was miserable and emotionally detached.

    I went through a SHORT phase of thinking that what the JW's believe is true. But then I prayed on the matter and discovered, JWs are wrong. At least - they're wrong for ME. To each her/his own.

    I'm a naturalist. Naturalists can't hang in JW organization. They don't repect anything natural in life and they eat crap, do n't care about the environment but think they're still acceptable to God because they don't fornicate or listen to rap music. Whatever. (This is a REALLY shallow statement i know; I have lots of reasons for why i think they're not "Godly")

  • jwfacts

    This forum has a lot of athiests, but many JWs become Christians and there are exJW Christian forums.

    Many exJW's do self destruct. Two friends I grew up with suicided after being d/f and a third tried several times. That being said, I am in touch with many x'jws, and after 5 years or so most seem to be very successfully on with there new lives, generally far more happy and successful that whilst JW's.

    I personally feel so relieved . Jesus said take his yoke because it is kindly and light. Leaving the WTS certainly was huge weight off my shoulders. Despite all the problems that it causes and the future uncertainty I wake up every morning thankful for life and the strength I finally had to move on.

  • MsMcDucket

    The "spiritual food" that I got from the dubs was rotten. I don't need their food to live my life. I can go to any religion and be told how to behave, but I choose not to. I don't want to live by any religions expectation of right or wrong. I have to do what is right as a human being. As far as God goes, even if I were to go back to the Witnesses, I would never believe that he is like what they teach. So you see, their "spiritual food" would not be nutritious to me, therefore, I don't even care about what they think of my behavior. I feel that they are the ones that are doing bad things.

  • oldflame

    Have you ever read in the bible "that the truth will set you free" ? Well when I was involved in the organisation I was not free, not in God or Christ.

    Today I have the real truth and it is in Christ and not Jehovahs Witnesses. I love the Lord with all my heart and with that I am a free man and a man with peace of mind, heart and soul. That is the peace you get when you find the real thruth in Jesus Christ.

    I wish you all the luck in your search. God Bless

  • jwfacts

    wow balabkyln,

    You've been a member for a year, only started posting just yesterday, and have done 16 posts all of a sudden. Welcome, I would love to hear your story.

    BTW nice photo, great smile.

  • Pistoff

    Leaving the organization (mentally, anyway; I still attend occasionally and have not DA'd) made me feel very FREE.

    In you, no offense, I sense the fear of displeasing God and the guilt that to me is part and parcel of growing up a witness. In the WT, a person can never do enough, and the entire concept is that you are born a sinner, and must approach God through THEM.

    Most christians who are not witnesses would be slack jawed at the idea that witnesses do not have Jesus as their mediator; only the anointed do, there is no theology for those with an earthly hope, and evidently we are saved by companionship with them. Anyway.

    My life is VERY GOOD. I feel free, happy and unafraid of learning something that will be at odds with my belief system. For the first time in my life, I really do think that the truth will set me free.


  • blindersoff
    I just got the general impression that they were bad news, that they could hinder one's spirituality.

    Ah, well, I guess it depends on how you define spirituality


    That is an excellent point. Ray Franz pointed out that the worship of a Christian is his 'way of life'.

    WTS would limit spirituality to organizationally sanctioned 'spitiual pursuits', 'spiritual goals', 'spiritual interests' as though these are different from everday life.


  • caligirl

    Not at all.... it is a great life.

    For me, I have a belief in God still, but my personal understanding of the bible is that my actions and how I treat others and live my life says far more about my Christian walk than any words could ever say.

    I can also understand how someone can decide that God does not exist and why some don't believe in the bible. To not believe in God or the bible does not automatically relegate one to a life of debauchery. Everyone is given free will, and a mind to make decisions with, whether one believes that to be God-given, or a natural occurance is really a matter of personal choice.

    From 20+ years as a witness, and taking the bible at face value, the witnesses have placed the society into the role that the bible assigns to Christ, and worships an organization of men, despite vehement denial of that. When they teach that Jesus is the son, Jehovah is the father, and say that the organization is Mother, they are clearly placing themselves above Jesus, which is not according to the bible.

  • nicolaou

    I'd say leaving the JW's is more of a rollercoaster - some up's, some downs and a lot of stomach wrenching changes of direction. At the end of the ride though you get off and you feel great!

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