Is it all downhill after leaving JW's?

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  • Pistoff


    When the JW's first came to my door, I had lots of questions and had no hesitance asking them. ; However, now that I'm learning more, I've gotten a distinct impression that if I shouldn't really ask certain types of questions; if I do, I feel that my book study conductor will group me into that category of people she feels just doesn't want to accept "the truth.

    And what a sad thing that is.

    For me the process has been to question what a teaching/belief really is, its roots and its consequences and whether it will coincide with reality and what I know to be true. Since I was mentally done with the WT, I felt like a child, learning to crawl and then walk. I found that my mind works on ideas/beliefs in the background, and makes conclusions that work their way forward that then hit me like a wave. That was my experience with at least 10 concepts in the last 3 years.

    That process is stopped dead in its tracks when are a witness; there is a dread that washes over you when you get to the limit of "safe" questioning in your mind. The mind still needs to know, but shelves it, stuffs it down. I believe that process makes a person mentally ill to some degree. I have 2 people in my family who are now well after leaving.

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