Is it all downhill after leaving JW's?

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  • lynnmelo

    I know many people will get angry at this, but I had to share some observations I've had since I discovered this board a couple of days ago (see my original post under "Why all the venom?"). I'll be very honest and say that I was hoping that I would discover that the JW's were wrong about some things, including the so-called "apostate" sites (I have been recommended to some Internet sites and some books that I plan to investigate further). I was hoping to find that people really didn't need the JW's "spiritual food" to remain true to God. However, what I've observed in my short time here has sadly shown me that they might be right. If the JW's are one extreme, it seems to me that so many former JW's on this thread have gone to the other extreme. A couple of the threads are particularly disturbing. I've read a thread in which someone is trying to prove that the Bible is all bunk (by pointing out ostensible contradictions). I've also read a thread in which the poster asked others to share the most important thing in their lives since they left the JW's; the last time I checked this thread, no one mentioned God. In other threads, many people seem to have abandoned any type of religion.

    What gives? It seems as if what the JW's say is true, whether we want to admit it or not.

  • just fine
    just fine

    It certainly hasn't been bad for me - leaving the JW's. I still believe in God and the Bible. For awhile after I left I was mad - mad at God - mad at the WT. But it faded with time and effort. I am not angry with God or the witnesses. My life now is one of peace and joy. I have a wonderful family, suppotive friends, rewarding career etc. God is still very much a part of my life and I pray to him daily. The difference is now it is heartfelt appreciation for his loving kindness instead of begging for forgiveness lest I be killed at Armageddon.

  • stillajwexelder

    Well I am still a witness in good standing. However, since I have been on this board, I truly feel a more balanced person. I am happy.

  • skyman

    Boy you have blinders on. I have a post going about Blood right now have you read the post if you had you will see that the JW's are wrong about Blood and think about this for a minute are you willing to let your kids now or future kids die? PLEASE READ THE POST. You sound like you are a thinker but then maybe you are not. Jehovah knows if you are and I believe he is not with the JW's because he did not make the blood transfusion policy a man made Ograniztion that has been responsible for killing thousand in GODs name on a comand that GOD did not give.

  • skyman
  • freedomlover

    Maybe this is just the first time in your life you are realizing how many other people are out there and how many other opinions there are on subjects like God, Jesus, the bible, etc.

    Just because these opinions differ from what you've been taught your whole life as right doesn't make them worthless.

    I've had to learn this lesson recently because I just left the JW's.

    Some of the best advice I got when I first left was " keep an open mind."

    I didn't realize how much I was going to need to keep an open mind................................

    A lot of us are finding ourselves still. We aren't asking you to believe everything you read here. It's just different people with different opinions. Some are really mad. Some are really sad. Some are just argumentative. We all deal with it in different ways. I can say for myself though, I don't believe anything JW's taught anymore. I don't really believe the bible and I'm on the fence about god most days. I never thought I'd feel that way. But guess what? I'm still a fine person, good mom, awesome wife, and I'd do anything for someone I consider my friend. My point is - you don't have to be a JW and believe all they teach to be living a good life.

    By the way....................we haven't properly met. I'm Freedomlover...nice to have you around!

  • Finally-Free

    It's natural to be angry for a while after leaving a high control group, but that eventually mellows out. Many here still believe in God but don't feel comfortable getting involved with an organized religion again. It's understandable. Others don't profess a belief in God.

    My life is much better now that I've left the watchtower. I finally have some peace in my life, and I don't have people constantly breathing down my neck about stupid things.


  • confused_101

    I still believe in God, I still pray. The difference between this God and the God that I was forced to believe in growing up and for most of my life, is the fact that I NOW have free will. I can believe in what I want to instead of what I am being told what I HAVE to believe. I am free to research up on other religions without fear of being out casted. I am free of the judgments that are passed everyday by JW (if you don't think that they don't judge then you aren't in the click). I'm free of the hypocrisy that looms over the organization. I was raised as a witness and I was an active member until about 4 yrs ago. I stood around and heard the reg. pioneers talk about Sister So and So, and Brother What’s His Name. I’ve witnessed it first hand. The difference for me is now I know that I have the right to believe in what I want to and not what a cult is telling me that I HAVE to. I stated on a different post…a religion that controls every aspect of your life isn’t a religion. It’s a cult…

  • YoursChelbie
    If the JW's are one extreme, it seems to me that so many former JW's on this thread have gone to the other extreme.

    Based on some things you have read on this online forum, you may feel that you can make that assumption.

    But the fact is you haven't personally gotten to know all of the ex-JW out there. EX-JWs cannot be neatly classified as a bunch of immoral/drug addicted/dishonest people ----as the WTS would portray "worldly poeople."

    People here represent any diverse group you might find in any segment of society. Some ex-JWs do have very strict values and standards that they live by and others might offend you by what they do or say.

    Begin by posting discussions about your interests--spiritual and otherwise and see who else has these interests in common with you.

    You'll soon find that many here enjoy hearing from you and have many of the same intrests you do.


  • bigmouth

    . I was hoping to find that people really didn't need the JW's "spiritual food" to remain true to God.

    lynnmelo,may I suggest that you are going about things in a back-to-front way.Re. your statement above; you have stated a hope and are now trying to find support for the premise.I'm becoming confused as to what you are asking.

    You have a range of people and personalities here and you can get a cross section of their feelings.Is there something else you need to know?


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