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  • mrsjones5
  • Sex might not be everything but it registers higher (90 percent) on the "importance scale" if it's a source of frustration in your relationship. If your sex life is unfulfilled, it becomes a gigantic issue. On the other hand, couples that have satisfying sex lives rate sex at only 10 percent on the "importance scale." - Dr Phil
  • lonelysheep
    The sex does have to be good though...

    That is true.

  • ballistic

    yeah sex is important too. Is it a true fact that most guys do not like condoms? Can this cause minor frustatrations early on in relationships with strangers - i.e. being an ex-jw without diseases or any worries like that.

  • seattleniceguy

    >> Is it a true fact that most guys do not like condoms?
    LOL...who on earth could possibly *like* them?

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Personality, character, and personal hygiene, in that order

  • theinfamousone

    damn!!!! SHES GOT TO LOOK GOOD... but damn, if shes dumb, or a bitch or just has no personality at all, well shes got to go... ithink we are allowed to look for both in a person... and so i do... im not really into the spirituality thing, but i like her to be intelligent...

    the infamous one

  • Cordelia

    i forgot about sexual attraction you gotta have that too, when i was married i used to think it wasnt important now i know better

  • Finally-Free

    Personality always wins. The looks might 'get it up' but it's the personality that 'keeps it up'. (not only in a sexual context)

    Yes, a certain amount of spirituality is important.


  • GetBusyLiving

    Personality is the most important thing for sure. Upbeat, happy, kind, considerate.. those are the most important things to me.


  • delilah
    Ok, GBL, have I got a girl for you!!!!!! hahahahaha (JK).....there was a T-shirt I saw once, that said," Beauty is only skin deep. Ugliness goes all the way to the bone". Having said that, Mary, I do believe, that having a good personality, says a hell of a lot about a person, more-so than their looks. I've met many a beautiful girl,( and guy),and as soon as they open their mouths, you realize that they have NO personality what-so-ever, and are "ugly" inside. On the other hand, no-one wants to date a "SHREK"-like person, but my mama always said, "There's someone for everyone"..... I think in the end, personality wins, over looks. I'd much rather be with someone with a beautiful mind, heart and soul, and mediocre looks, than with an egotistical, self-absorbed, cold-hearted, handsome guy.

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