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  • Cordelia

    i agree with ballistic i think looks are what attracts u to a person, but i know so many good looking guys who 'know it' and theres nothing worse in being goodlooking and knowing it, i think it instantly makes you unattrative!

    so i guess personality is more important,m

    sod spirituality

  • seattleniceguy

    There's a proverb in Japan: "You tire of a beautiful woman in three days."
    I mean, obviously, everyone wants both. But a beautiful girl with no personality (or worse, a bad personality)? Please. You'd be better off taking a girly magazine to bed - all the looks, none of the headache.
    But on the other hand, some of the way we look is actually directly connected to personality. A bright and cheerful person has a bright and cheerful face. Someone who actively takes care of themselves will have a decent body.
    So I think if you really concentrate on personality, you can't go too far astray.

  • stillajwexelder

    Looks initially, personality after - I do not want a double-bagger

  • ballistic

    SNG, that is a good point - looks are often connected to personality but what about what cordelia said. The other extreme is narcicism, when the person's looks mean more to them than the rest of the world and the "person" becomes ugly. edited to say I know a surgeon with money who likes to accessorise with young beuatiful girls, of course they are just like any other "object" in his possesion.

  • Cordelia

    hey ballistic is the're really a word for what i said? is that what that nar thing means?

  • mrsjones5

    that's called not wanting a man who thinks he's prettier than you

  • Sassy

    The most handsome man I ever dated.. was the ugliest underneath..

    so looks are not my prime focus..

    As far as spirituality, I have noticed I am drawn to a spriritual person at times.. envious I guess if they have found their path.. since I am still lost in mine

  • oldflame

    Beauty is only skin deep, it is definantly the personality.....

  • serendipity

    Personality, character and spirituality. Intelligence, kindness and humor are the top 3 traits. If a guy doesn't have those, he's got no chance.

  • Sassy

    The sex does have to be good though...

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