why cant they see how cruel they are??

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    Are you saying that the experiences of unbaptised born-ins are of less importance than baptised born-ins and baptised walkins?
    yes thats what i'm saying.....oh boy

    Your question kinda begged for full capitulation or antagonistic agreement. If you're gonna work the odds, sometimes they don't fall out in your favour I don't think the question was that fair, as it asked for a gross uber-generalisation in black or white terms, if answered without qualification. The experience of anyone who has been influenced by the WTS is of worth and there's little baseline by which to quantify the importance of that influence. Do we suggest that some one who was abused as a child and silenced by a body of Elders has an experience that is more important than someone who was DFed for smoking, for example? How do you quantify it?? I will say this, that whereas JWs might bend the rules concerning "necessary family business" if they really want to keep in contact with a DFed person, that the rules aren't so strict for someone who was never baptised. I will however qualify even that comment, however, by expressing that in my experience (I have no hard stats on it) black families were generally more hardline in their treatment of family members who rejected the WTS, regardless of whether they were baptised or not. I didn't see the same level of wholesale rejection in other ethnic groups. Given that Cordy lives in a generally white, working-class area of Britain, and one with which Tij and I are somewhat familiar, may I ask you:- who's experience might be more important? That's a rhetorical question because it's just as irrelevant as the one originally posited. Tij and I are male, whereas Cordy and yourself are female. The chances are that you'd understand certain aspects of the situation that we will not. What other ways can we parse the individual experiences? I think we can likely stuff being politically correct, given that different portions of the population of those affected by the WTS are going to have different responses. It's in the eye of the beholder to sift through it and see what she thinks flies with her own experience. Meanwhile there's little reason to be openly antagonistic towards one another, though if anyone wants to take that course I guess that it's also an option.... ... S P L A T

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    2nd Cor. 4:3-6 I think clearly says it all about the JW's

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    It's a cult, and as long as they can't consider the cult may be wrong...they'll never even hear you. Buck up is probably a bad way to put it, but you must go forward without them if you are to be ok. You played by their rules and did things their way, and what do you have now? You're getting better, coming out of the shit, and then BAM they hit you with "you're abandoning us". YOU aren't abandoning anyone, whi is ruining the events? You? You weren't even INVITED, how in the hell can you ruin anything? THEY are making the choice to not associate with you.

    It's hard to put responsibility where it belongs sometimes, but you have to accept that you are ok, it's not you, it's THEM. You are making a better life, and except for this I'm sure you are happier...don't give up.


  • Cordelia

    thanks everyone,

    i understand what you are saying tho i agree with tik lisa could have put it abit better! but i still know whatshe means, as for peoples experiences i always thought id get reinstated and then date the boy but i realise that alot of you who havent been dfed still find their family takes it really hard!

    on the other hand some who are dfed familys actually have ALOT of contact with them!

    so i guess it depends on the family,

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    Toe my love, that had too many big words for so early in my morning...and maybe it should be on my topic and not (respectfully) in Cordelia's?

    Much love,



    Given that Cordy lives in a generally white, working-class area

    That's funny cuz that's the kind of neighborhood I live in. You thought I lived in the hood with a bunch of black folks didnt you?

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    I'll be frank, I have no idea what kind of area you live in, nor your ethnic origin. You have a topic on the go?? I'm afraid I'm not around enough at the moment to keep up with such things

    I was trying to pick a few examples of segmented data that were equally inapplicable to use in adjudging "importance" of experience.

    Coffee - now there's a good idea

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    I've just put a pot on, too.

    I think we've just turned this thread into a Cyber-coffee-house

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    oooooooh coffee...can i come...please

    You're heartless, self-righteous, and rude

    no im not tijkmo...of the 'do you not realise the i in tijkmo stands for irony' class

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