Are You Afraid To Die?

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  • katiekitten

    You ask Enigma if hes gonna wear a jock strap or not when hes Japanese royalty. My moneys on a 'YES'!

  • anewme

    Afraid to? No.

    Want to? NOOOOO!!!!!

    Anewme does not want to die!!!
    She just turned 52
    She just got married to a much younger man

    Life and all its pleasures have just opened up to her!!!

    Anewme wants to LIVE!!!!!!

  • Crumpet

    ANEWME - do tell more - would you recommend younger man for longevity? how much younger is best?

  • FlyingHighNow

    No and yes.

  • mouthy

    Definatly NOT!!! In fact I pray every night that I might go "HOME" Where there are no tears no pain no suffering. That is one of the great things I found out after leaving the WT. That Heaven was open to ALL if they wished & wanted it... Not just the 144.000 . But I guess even though my days are numbered -It isnt time yet

    I have been hit by a car at 14
    Bombed in England by a buzz-bomb
    Beat up often by my hubby cos I WAS a JW
    Tried to kill myself when they kicked me out...
    Have one foot in the grave now... But the rest of the body wont follow....
    So I guess at 78 I just have to wait to see Jesus face- Which I believe I WILL see. Its a promise !!!!

  • prophecor

    Mouthy, I hope that I can have as good an attitude when my hour arrives. I feel as you do, however, Nicolau, when you describe yourself on your deathbed and being cheated. I was conditioned to the belief that those of this generation were the ones who would see the evident demonstration of God's Kingdom established here on the Earth.

    Now that I know in all likelihood that it's probably never going to occur, at least not in my lifetime, I feel as if I'd been sold a bill of goods that are not going to be useful to me, like I was given a raincheck at the Wal-Mart for an item they had on sale but are no longer in stock of. I'm needless to say, a little disappointed.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Not really. It's more like fear of the pain that might preceed my demise...or loss of mental accuity (sp?).

  • BluesBrother

    I am not afraid of death, just unhappy at the prospect of getting old. I have seen too many people who lived a mere existence in a worn out body . I wish I could just say goodbye to the world at the optimum moment and bow out.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I have been far to close to death in this life. I watched my only brother die, then a few months later found my Mom's body at her home. It seems like I could name hundreds of people that I knew well and that have now died.

    I don't really fear death - but I don't embrace it. I do believe it to the 'enemy' to those living.

    I love life, and don't want to come to it's end prematurely. But I know it is actually quite probable that I will - millions die of heart disease and cancer and sundry other causes every day.

    A sad fact of life is death.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Defd - do you really mean that? The fastest way to paradise is death too, you know. Just wake up in a new earth filled with elders and pioneers. Just think no more preaching!


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