How did you meet your spouse?

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  • serendipity

    In our local Sunday paper, there's a regular feature on how married couples met. I've been touched by some of the stories. I'm curious as to how you met your spouse. Were there any interesting turns along the way to the altar? Since I'm single, I don't have a story to share, except for "How not to find a spouse".

  • liquidsky

    I met the love of my life in my freshmen year of Highschool. I was j-dub and he was punk rocker. It was love at first sight. Of course I told him I we couldn't date unless he was a babtized witness although I really wanted too. Plus my j-dub parents would make it impossible for me to see him outside of school. We stayed best freinds untill he graduated, and then we didn't see eachother for 2 years. One day we bumped into eachother at the mall and we were so happy to finally see eachother again. We dated secretly for another year, and then we decided to get married. My parents were shocked, and devestated that I was marrying and "unbeliever". They tried to convice me to not marry him, and told me it would never work with out jehovahs blessing. Well we married 3 weeks later, and have been happily married for 9 years.

  • Finally-Free
    They tried to convice me to not marry him, and told me it would never work with out jehovahs blessing.

    Ha! Mine did have "Jehovah's blessing" (or was it a curse?) and it didn't last.

    I was a pioneer™ and while out in service™ with a brother™ we met 2 pioneer™ sisters™. One of them just moved into our hall™. I was very impressed with her spirituality™. We began dating and went out in service™ together often. We even studied the Family™ book together, got engaged, and married! It was all downhill after that, and we separated 16 years later when I finally recognized the cult was nothing but a pile of shit.


  • skyman

    She was woking at the concession stand at an assembly. She fell in love the first time we met. Me however wanted nothing to do with her. Her family a year later moved into my congregation and we became friends. Friends is all that I wanted but as things turn out I reconginized she was the one for me and after a year of dating we were married 21 years ago. I married my best friend I was not madly in love at the time, she was really good looking. We did everything together for years before we dated. Our parents saw us as brother and sister not as anything else. Our parents would not let us date anyone else with out chaperones but did not care we spent hours together without chaperones, niether did the congregation care. We enjoy our life together deeply.

  • stillajwexelder

    at my place of work

  • Golf

    We knew each since childhood. We dated in our teens. We went our separate ways and later rejoined and we've been married 43 'short' years. In short, we knew each other close to sixty years.

    I could never attach myself to any other girl/women. She was a non-witness. What would I do without her? I really don't know.


  • rwagoner

    A coworker of mine....her then fiance...introduced us.....she left him for me....he maxed out all three of her credit cards and joined the she ended up costing me $15,000 !

    It is now 15 years later...he ended up marrying a girl that looks almost exactly like her...even had the same wedding dress design...sort of spooky really LOL

  • jgnat

    I'd been a celibate single parent for twenty years, raised my children to adulthood, pillar in my church. I was dangerously randy. He was a confirmed bachelor, failed Jehovah's Witness, living with mom and dad for the past ten years, still licking his wounds from his brief fling with JW married life.

    A dating service set us up.

    From their point of view, I guess we were a match in age, religiosity, temperament, general outlook on life and desperation.

  • mrsjones5

    An ex-boyfriend (who happened to be a df'd jw) introduced me to my husband. We invited him to the wedding and he said to me "I didnt mean for this to happen!"
    Our thirteenth anniversary is tomorrow!


  • garybuss

    Due to my honed academic skills and my superior education, I was working nights in a bakery in Spirit Lake Iowa in 1965. That town was blessed with two pioneer brothers who each had a sister.

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